LOYAL is a very well-known Biscuit Machinery Manufacturer , and we can provide various types of Biscuit Production Lines , such as Whole wheat biscuit production line , to the vast Biscuit Manufacturing Units . Whole grains are widely favored by consumers, and using the Automatic Biscuit Making Machine will produce high-quality graham crackers.

Automatic Biscuit Production Line has a very high cost performance and excellent performance. It can process and produce many different types of biscuits. We can provide dozens of different Biscuit Manufacturing Processes to process and produce wafer biscuits, soda biscuits, cookies and Sandwich biscuits, etc., as long as you contact us, we will provide you with very perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

Biscuit Mechanical Drawing

Biscuit Mechanical Drawing

What is the Whole wheat biscuit production line?

Biscuit Making Machine For Factory is a kind of Biscuit Equipment that mainly uses wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw materials, adding bulking agent, improver and other auxiliary materials to fully automate the production of various types of biscuits . The Cookie Production Line has changed the traditional way of biscuits production. , Biscuit Making Process has been greatly improved, which can bring unexpected gains to Biscuit Manufacturing Plant in terms of production efficiency and production quality .

Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment :

Pre treatment of raw materials – dough preparation – rolling dough sheet – pressing into cake base – baking – oil spraying – cooling – packaging – finished product.

Cookie Flowchart

Cookie Flowchart

Specifications of Commercial Biscuit Making Machine:

There are technical data about Biscuit Processing Line
Model 1 2 3 4
Voltage 380v 380v 380v 380v
Power 80kw 150kw 200kw 250kw
weight 1t 1.5t 2t 2.5t
Yield 200kg/h 300kg/h 400kg/h 500kg/h
Impression length 225mm 280mm 320mm 400mm
Biscuit Manufacturing Machine Price Us$ 1,000.00 Us$ 2,000.00 Us$ 2,500.00 Us$ 4,000.00
Dimensions 1.8*1.6*1.5m 1.9*1.8*1.6m 2.0*1.9*1.7m 2.1*2.0*1.8m
Biscuit Line in 2022. For more details, please contact our Automatic Biscuit Production Line professional technical team.
Biscuit detail drawing

Biscuit detail drawing

Advantages of Whole wheat biscuit production line:

Features of Biscuit Making Machine For Factory
1 All kinds of Biscuit Equipment on the Automatic Biscuit Making Machine are equipped with variable frequency speed regulation, and all kinds of machinery cooperate tacitly to truly realize automation.
2 The tunnel-type electric oven adopts energy-saving quartz electric heating tube, which has sufficient heat radiation and fast heating speed; the temperature control system adopts temperature control equipment with unique energy-saving technology, which can save energy by up to 30% during normal operation.
3 Cookie Production Line frequency conversion joint control, simple and fast operation, and workers can get started quickly.
4 All kinds of supporting Biscuit Equipment are complete, providing mechanical support for the production of various flavored biscuits.
5 Commercial Biscuit Making Machine makes the production of delicious biscuits simple and convenient. It not only reduces a lot of intermediate links, but also reduces a lot of manual operations , and realizes the automatic integration of biscuit production.

2021 Customer Order r Biscuit Processing Line Maker Form:

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Automatic Biscuit Production Line
1 200-300kg/h Saving Labor Biscuit System In India
2 Japan 300-500kg/h High Efficiency Automatic Biscuit Production Line
3 1-2t/h Customized Biscuit Processing Line For Sale In Sri Lanka
4 Singapore 800kg/h 304 Stainless Steel Commercial Biscuit Making Machine
Dealed Customers Who Repurchase Of Whole wheat biscuit production line At 2021
1 Brazil 1t/h Multi-function Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment
2 Netherlands 500-600kg/h Stepless Speed Adjustment Cookie Production Line
3 600-700kg/h No Noise Biscuit Production Line In Myanmar
4 300kg/h No Pollution Biscuit Making Technology In Vietnam
Cookie chart

Cookie chart

1. What are the main applications of Automatic Biscuit Production Line?

Cookie Production Line mainly uses wheat flour as the main raw material, and then adds sugar, oil, egg, dairy and other auxiliary materials. It can not only be used to process and produce whole-wheat biscuits, but also can be processed and produced by adjusting the Biscuit Making Process . Biscuits, soda crackers, crackers, cookies and sandwich biscuits, etc.

2. What are the types of Biscuit Line?

The Biscuit Project of the Biscuit Making Plan t is different. According to the type of biscuit produced, it can be divided into soda biscuit Biscuit Equipment , cracker Biscuit Equipment , cookie Biscuit Equipment , etc. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into semi-automatic cookies Production Line and fully automated Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment .

3. What are our services?

1. Assist you in plant layout, equipment selection, and Biscuit Manufacturing Process design.

2. Special design and manufacture and Biscuit System test can be carried out according to your specific needs .

3. Provide you with relevant market research, Biscuit Production Line configuration, raw and auxiliary material formula, packaging design and other aspects of consultation.

4. Provide you with corresponding technical training and daily operation of Cookie Production Line , as well as future maintenance training.

5. Provide you with 24-hour consultation.

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