The Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machine is a multifunctional Biscuit Equipment developed by LOYAL after years of research and experience by several Biscuits technology engineers.

The Automatic Biscuit Making Machine is an outstanding achievement in the field of food machinery and is very well known in the biscuit industry. Since its launch, the Cookie Production Line has been awarded a number of patents for Biscuit Manufacturing Process projects and is well recognised by Biscuit Making Plant.

Biscuit machinery diagram

Biscuit machinery diagram

The Biscuit Production Line combines advanced technology from home and abroad with fully automated production methods to process and produce various types of biscuits simply by changing moulds, and has always been a leader in the biscuit industry.

LOYAL also provides you with basic recipes and process documentation free of charge, saving you money on your Biscuit Making Plant and helping you to achieve maximum success in the biscuit project market.

What is Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment?

Biscuit Processing Line is a professional equipment for making biscuits, which can automate the production of all kinds of biscuits. It consists of mixing machine, forming machine, electric baking oven, oil spraying machine, cooling line and packing machine.

Biscuit Making Machine Diagram

Biscuit Making Machine Diagram

Industrial Biscuit Making Machine Basic production process.

Flour, auxiliary materials -> dough modulation -> pressing -> roll cutting -> baking -> oil spraying -> cooling -> finished product

Automatic Biscuit Production Line process flow
1.Ingredients Select the flour, sift it and add the milk powder, shortening, sesame seeds, edible flavoring and salt to the biscuit recipe.
2.Mixing The ingredients are mixed in a mixer with the right amount of water and the ingredients are kneaded into the dough.
3.Shaping The dough is pressed into a biscuit press and then cut into fixed shapes, changing molds to produce different shapes.
4.Baking The shaped biscuits are transferred to a high temperature oven, where they are quickly matured by the high temperature.
5. Cooling The finished biscuits are cooled naturally in the cooling line.
Biscuit Machine Flow Chart

Biscuit Machine Flow Chart

LOYAL is committed to controlling costs and increasing production for our customers when it comes to commercial Biscuit Making Machine prices.

What Is The Cost Of Cookie Production Line?

Latest Biscuit Processing Line promotional prices for 2022
Biscuit Production Line Output Industrial Biscuit Making Machine Price
1 50-80kg/h 5,000-13,000USD
2 100-200KG/H 9,000-16,000USD
3 200-500KG/H 24,000-29,000USD
Prices for Automatic Biscuit Plant are promotional, for updated prices, please contact our service team.
Biscuits Pictures

Biscuits Pictures

2021-2022 Industrial Biscuit Making Machine customer successful cases

2021 Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment customer cases
1 500kg/h Industrial Biscuit Making Machine for sale in South Korea
2 Small Capacity 200kg/h Automatic Biscuit Plant for sale in Thailand
3 300kg/h Biscuit Making Machine for sale in Ukraine
4 600Kg/H Biscuit Making Machine for sale in USA
5 800KG/H Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machine for sale in Nigeria
2022 Biscuit Processing Line Customer Cases at Discounted Price
1 200-500KG/H Biscuit Production Line for Thai customer
2 200kg/H Small Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment for sale in Vietnam
3 300KG/H Biscuit Manufacturing Process for sale in Nigeria
Biscuit diagram

Biscuit diagram

1. What are the advantages of the Biscuit Production Line?

1. The Biscuit Line is compact and has a small footprint, which saves space costs.

2. The high-temperature oven has good insulation properties and the Automatic Biscuit Production Line produces biscuits with better colour, flavour and taste than other heating methods, which makes it more economical in the long run and has energy-saving features.

3. The Biscuit Making Plant can produce a wide range of biscuit shapes by changing the moulds.

4. The Biscuit Production Line is inexpensive, with low investment costs and high returns on investment.

5. Automatic Biscuit Making Machine is highly automated and has high production efficiency.

2. What are the applications of the Industrial Biscuit Making Machine?

The Biscuit Making Machine is mainly used in the food processing industry. The Biscuit Project Factory can be used to produce various types of biscuits such as shortbread, tough biscuits, baking soda biscuits, biscuits, sandwich biscuits and egg rolls, etc. The biscuits produced by the Biscuit system are well accepted by consumers and are in great demand.

3. What Biscuit Processing Lines are available on the market?

Cookie Production Line is one of the most popular types of food machinery used by many Biscuit Manufacturing Units. There are many different types of biscuit production machines available, including Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machine, Semi-Automatic Biscuit Production Line, Shortbread Biscuit Production Line, Tough Biscuit Production Line and Sandwich Biscuit Production Line.