Continuous Belt Biscuit Oven, generally known as biscuit tunnel ovens, are the heart of the biscuit baking process.

They have long conveyors which carry the dough pieces through a heated box section baking chamber. The conveyor band material is a wire-mesh or a carbon steel sheet, which turns around large cylindrical drums at each end of the tunnel oven. The conveyor is driven by a variable speed drive at the tunnel oven end which allows the operator to adjust the baking time.

The heating method of the oven can be electric heating or gas oil heating, and you can choose which heating method is cheaper in your local area.

Continuous Belt Biscuit Oven (Electric)
Model Capacity Power Size Materials Price(Usd)
LY-1 50-60kg/h 30kw 10*0.5*0.95 m stainless steel 5,500-6,200
LY-2 80-100kg/h 40Kw 12*0.59*0.95 m stainless steel 7,500-9,800
LY-3 150-200kg/h 70kw 24*0.85*1.5m stainless steel 26,000-32,000
LY-4 400-500kg/h 210kw 40*1.26*1.5m stainless steel 49,000-54,000
LY-5 700-900kg/h 350kw 48*1.46*1.5m stainless steel 72,000-80,000

Features Of Electric Oven:

Electric ovens use electric heating elements. The bottom of the oven is covered with heating pipes, these ovens have been widely used in the baking industry in some countries where industry had adequate electricity supply; Electrical energy is clean, does not require storage and is easily controlled, more safe; Electric ovens can simply controlled by thyristor units which vary the current in the elements and hence the heat input to the baking chamber; Suitable for all types of crackers, cookies and biscuits

Features Of Gas Ovens:

Gas oven has a burner firing into a burner tube. The hot burnt gases are drawn from the burner tube through ducts to rows of steel tubes, or ducts, at the top and bottom of the baking chamber. These radiant tubes, or ducts, run the whole length of the zone. The hot gases travel through the tubes or ducts which then radiate heat to the products from above and below. At the end of the zone, the hot gases are collected in a return duct through which they travel back to the circulating fan and from there to the burner tube to be re-circulated. It is essentially a closed, circulating system with a single burner, circulating fan and radiant tubes to heat the products from above and below.

Abb Motor Of Oven
1 Package Level 1 Units: 0 carton
2 Product Name: 3-Phase squirrel cage motor
3 Product Net Weight: 5.9 kg
4 Product Type: 3AA2__M3AA_IE2_AA
5 SCIP: 7ac6190-e1ce-4080-8654-6552aaabbe58 Finland (FI)
6 Selling Unit of Measure: piece
7 Standards: IEC 60034-1
8 Starting of Motor: Direct Online

Why Choose Continuous Belt Biscuit Oven ?

The Advantages Of Continuous Belt Biscuit Oven
1 Baking Characters: Uninterrupted Baking Mode Adopted, Large Capacity. Time And Energy Saving. The Products Have Even Color And Taste Good.
2 The Appearance Of The Tunnel Oven Is Gorgeous And With Large Baking Capacity. Energy And Manpower Saving.
3 Double Heat Preservation. The Total Thickness Is 200mm, Less Heat Loss.
4 The Material For The Structure Is Brought According To International Standard. It Won’t Distort Due To High Temperature And Extend Service Life

After-Sales Service & Installation: 

Item No. Service Of Continuous Belt Biscuit Oven
1 12 months warranty.
2 Free one-year oven consumable parts.
3 Before the machine leaves the factory, our senior engineers will complete the debugging according to customer requirements.
4 Provide video installation, installation instructions, operation instructions and machine maintenance instructions during the epidemic.
5 Engineers and business personnel provide 24-hour online technical guidance and video conference. Ensure that the customer’s production line can be put into production normally.
6 After the epidemic, senior engineers (more than 10 years of experience in the industry) can be sent to customer factories for field installation training.