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With many years of experience in Biscuit Machine Manufacturing, we are able to provide our customers with a high quality, reliable and safe Biscuit Machine with a complete after-sales guarantee.

Biscuit Machine diagram

Biscuit Machine diagram

The Biscuit Production Line is a complete line of Biscuit Machinery consisting of forming machines, electric baking ovens, greasing machines, bending machines, finishing machines, sandwiching machines and packaging machines.

The entire Biscuit Making Process can be automated, reducing manual operations and making delicious Biscuit Production easy.

Biscuit machine diagram

Biscuit machine diagram

What are the ingredients needed for Banana Cookies Making?

The making process of Banana Biscuits is based on bananas, eggs and wheat/cornflour as the main ingredients, with milk, sugar, fat and, if necessary, milk powder as auxiliary ingredients.

Banana Cookies are a popular biscuit with a sweet taste and are rich in sugar, protein, vitamins and dietary fibre, providing energy, laxatives and sleep.

Biscuit diagram

Biscuit diagram

Biscuit Processing Line process.

Raw and auxiliary materials pre-treatment → dough preparation → rolling → forming → cooling → finishing → packaging → finished product → inspection and storage

Banana Biscuit Process What are the conditions of the glue-like mixture when mixing raw and auxiliary ingredients?

Banana Biscuit Process What are the conditions of the glue-like mixture when mixing raw and auxiliary ingredients?

The case of gluey premixes of Banana Biscuit Processing Technology
1 Inadequate emulsification of the premix The fat in the premix is in lumps of varying sizes. This makes it difficult to control the hydration of the gluten when mixing with flour, resulting in inconsistent quality of Biscuit Products.
2 Adequate emulsification of the premix The emulsion is of an oil/water type This is generally used to inhibit the formation of gluten. However, if the temperature of the Biscuit Manufacturing Workshop is too high or the protein content of the wheat is too high, it can be over-mixed during blending.
3 Premix emulsions of the water/oil type

This premixed slurry is mixed into a water-in-oil emulsion at the time of premixing.

This means that the water is not easily absorbed by the gluten proteins when the flour is added to the mix, so that gluten does not form excessively, and care must be taken to mix it evenly during the Biscuit Making Process.

Biscuit diagram

Biscuit diagram

What are theBanana Cookie Maker?

Advantages of the Banana Cookies Production Line
1 The Industrial Biscuit Making Machine is frequency controlled, simple to use, low cost, efficient and fast in production.
2 Biscuit Making Equipment with automatic temperature control system, fast temperature rise and energy saving up to 30%.
3 Automatic Biscuit Plant has a complete range of equipment and the machines work in tandem with each other to achieve maximum production protection for the Biscuit System.
4 The Automatic Biscuit Production Line can regulate the transport speed of the machinery and has a self-diagnostic function in the event of a malfunction, with automatic power failure or alarm, for a higher safety factor.
5 Depending on the customer’s choice, the Biscuit Production Line can produce both tough biscuits and shortbread biscuits, allowing for a wide range of flavors and types.
Biscuit Machine details

Biscuit Machine details

Our Biscuit Machine has a wide range of business and we are currently cooperating both at home and abroad, the Biscuits Market has great potential, if you are interested in opening a Biscuit Manufacturing Plant and have questions about the Biscuit System.

If you are interested in setting up a Biscuit Manufacturing Plant and have questions about the Biscuit System, you can contact us at any time and we will solve your problems in setting up Biscuit Manufacturing Units.

2021 Biscuit Banane Wali Machine successful customer cases:

2021 successful customer cases of Industrial Biscuit Making Machine
1 600kg/h Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment sold to the USA
2 700-800kg/high-qualified Cookie Making Machine sold to Japan
3 2t/h energy-saving Biscuit Making Equipment sold to Vietnam
2021 Buyback customer cases Commercial Biscuit Making Machine
1 800-900kg/h Banana Cookie Maker sold to Germany
2 600kg/h Small Biscuit Making Machine for sale in Pakistan at a good price
3 Sales of 700 kg/h Biscuit Making Machine in Poland
4 Sales of 1-2t/h reliable Cookie Making Machine in Mexico
5 500kg/h Biscuit Making Equipment for sale in Canada

1. What are the tips for making Banana Cookies Making?

1. When preparing bananas, do not choose raw bananas, otherwise they will not have the flavour and texture required by the Banana Biscuit Project.

2. Do not choose vegetable oils that have a flavour, but choose salad oil or corn oil, which do not have a flavour.

3. If you are making your own biscuits at home, you can add as much sugar as you like. If the biscuits are made in a Biscuit Manufacturing Plant, you should be careful not to add too much sugar, but add it in moderation.

4. Ovens vary in performance, so control the time when baking cookies and watch them carefully for colour.

2. What are the applications of Biscuit Banane Wali Equipment?

The Biscuit Making Machine can produce a wide range of popular biscuits and the Automatic Biscuit Production Line is fully automated from feeding, forming, drying, conveying, spraying, cooling and waste collection.

This reduces labour costs and saves time, and allows the biscuits to be arranged and packed in a uniform manner. The Biscuits Finished is particularly suitable for baking all kinds of biscuits and peach crumbs, and its colour, aroma and shape are all intact.

3. What food additives are used in Biscuit Food?

1. Antioxidants: The mechanism of action is complex and they are highly susceptible to oxidation and react with oxygen to protect Biscuit Food. There are several commonly used fat-soluble antioxidants, such as butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA); dibutylhydroxytoluene (BHT); propyl gallate (PG); tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ)

2. Bleaching agent: can produce sulphur dioxide, sulphur dioxide will form sulphite when it meets water, which has the effect of bleaching and preserving; at the same time, the strong reducing property of sulphite can also prevent the oxidation and destruction of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables

3. Natural food colours: These are mainly pigments extracted from plant and animal tissues and may undergo changes in their chemical structure during Biscuits Food Processing and are therefore not necessarily pure and harmless. It requires a rigorous toxicological evaluation.