The Automatic Biscuit Making Machine is the latest model of our Cookie Making Machine, developed in collaboration with our engineers who have more than 10 years of experience in the production of cookies, and is extremely easy for operators to handle with its automatic control and frequency conversion. In addition to the Small Biscuit Making Machine, there are also medium and large Biscuit Making Machines to choose from.

Biscuit Making Machine diagram

As a professional Biscuit Making Machine manufacturer, our Biscuit Making Equipment has been awarded with relevant patents and is currently being sold in both domestic and international markets.

Biscuit making machine diagram

Biscuit making machine diagram

What kind of biscuits can be produced by the Automatic Biscuit Production Line?

The Biscuit Manufacturing Process can produce hard biscuits, sandwich biscuits, shortbread biscuits, soda biscuits, caramel biscuits and other types of biscuits using wheat flour and auxiliary ingredients such as sugar, dairy and egg whites.

Biscuit diagram

Biscuit diagram

Technical parameters of the Small Biscuit Making Machine.

LY-1 LY-2 LY-3
External dimensions (m) 17×0.7×1.8 19×0.5×1.2 16×0.4×1.5
Die length (mm) 225 280 170
Machine weight (t) 1.5 1.8 1.0
Output/daily output (t) 1-1.5 2 1
Total power (kw) 37 32 16.5
Voltage (v) 380 380 380
Raw and auxiliary ingredients → Flour preparation and dough → Forming → Baking → Cooling and extinguishing → Packaging → Inspection and storage
This is our updated list of Mini Cookie Making Machine in stock for 2022. If you need to verify or update it, please contact us.
Biscuit Machine details
Biscuit Machine details

Biscuit Machine details

What are the advantages of Mini Cookie Making Machine?

Advantages of Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment
1 The Biscuit Manufacturing Workshop is fully equipped with a wide range of auxiliary equipment, including a sugar and salt sprayer, an oil sprayer, a syrup sprayer, a multi-functional duster, a slot/differential speed cookie cutter, a national slicer and other production aids to produce a wide range of biscuit flavors.

Biscuit Making Machine For Factory. The drive system is simple, stable and efficient and can be automated.

The Cookie Making Machine is easy and safe to set parameters, making the process more efficient.

3 The Biscuit Making Equipment is energy saving and can be adjusted and technologically upgraded according to the market demand, making it highly adaptable.
4 The Cookie Production Line adopts imported electrical components and is capable of single control, joint control and variable frequency effect, and has automatic power off and alarm disposal for power leakage.
Biscuits diagram

Biscuits diagram

2021 Mini Cookie Making Machinee Customer Deal Case:

Automatic Biscuit Making Machine Deal Customer Case
1 400kg/h Mini Biscuit Making Machine for sale in India
2 500-700kg/h Mini Cookie Making Machine for sale in Canada
3 2t/h Biscuit Making Equipment for sale in the USA
4 700kg/h Biscuit Making Equipment sold in Japan
Customer case for buy-back of Industrial Biscuit Making Machine in 2021
1 500kg/h high quality Small Biscuit Making Machine for sale in Thailand
2 400-500kg/h Small Cookie Making Machine for sale in Germany
3 900kg/h cost effective Biscuit Making Machine For Factory for sale in Spain
4 2t/h energy efficient Automatic Biscuit Making Machine for sale in Italy

If you are interested in opening a Biscuit Manufacturing Plant and have questions about the Biscuit System, you can contact us at any time.

You can contact us at any time and we will provide you with the most complete Biscuit Processing Line service to solve your problems with Biscuit Manufacturing Units.

1. What are the issues that need to be taken into account in the Biscuit Making Process?

Depending on the Biscuit Recipe and Biscuit Production Technology

Biscuits can be divided into two categories: shortbread and tough biscuits.

Shortbread biscuits.

The dough should not be rolled for too long, as there is a large amount of sugar and oil in the shortbread dough and the sheets are soft and prone to breakage.

Rolling for a long time will lead to toughness and shrinkage of the dough sheet. Generally 3 to 7 one-way reciprocal rolls or one-way one rolls.

Note also that the dough should not be left to rest for a long time before rolling and that the thickness of the dough sheet after rolling is approximately 2 cm.

Tough biscuits.

The dough has a low oil and sugar content and the gluten tends to absorb too much water, so it is necessary to add a quantity of hot water during the preparation of the dough to raise the temperature of the dough and to keep the gluten well inflated.

In addition, the dough should be prepared for a longer period of time to prevent the gluten from becoming loose and losing its strength.

2. What is Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment?

The Commercial Biscuit Making Machine is a fully integrated machine based on the Biscuit Manufacturing Technology, which has been upgraded and improved to achieve automatic constant temperature, automatic baking, automatic conveying, automatic oil spraying and cooling.

Compared with other imported machines of the same type, the Automatic Biscuit Making Machine can fully compete with them in terms of technology, and has the advantages of low investment, low risk, safety and reliability, and is a Biscuit Project with quick results and considerable economic benefits, suitable for the production of various new and trendy biscuits on the market.

3. What is the reason for the incorrect cutting position of Biscuit Packaging Machine?

1. It may be that the centre seal is not sealed. You need to check whether the temperature of the Biscuit Packaging Equipment temperature control gauge is normal, the heating tube is abnormal or the pressure of the centre seal wheel is not enough, etc.

2. Check whether the biscuit packaging film can be clamped in the centre seal.

Similarly, if the film is small and the material inside is large, the biscuit may be cut during Biscuit Packaging.

3. Adjust the distance slowly by yourself.