The mixer is one of the essential machines in the biscuit production line. The egg beater is a tool used to beat the egg whites and yolks of the eggs to fully fuse them into egg liquid, and beat the egg whites and yolks separately until foamy. The egg whites and egg yolks can be easily and quickly broken up and fully blended into egg liquid.

The electric one is relatively labor-saving, adding the raw materials into the container. Then fix it, adjust the required speed and turn on the power. The use is more common, and you can choose according to the size of the capacity when purchasing, and the price ranges from tens to thousands.


Working Principle Of Multi-Functional Mixing Machine:
1 When the egg beater is operating, the agitator rotates at a high speed, forcibly whipping, and the materials to be blended fully contact each other and rub vigorously to achieve the functions of mixing, emulsifying, aerating and removing part of the water.
2 Since the viscosity of the blended material is lower than the material stirred by the dough mixer, the speed of the egg beater is higher than that of the dough mixer, generally within the range of 70~270r/min, which is called a high-speed blender.
3 Most of the egg beaters are vertical, consisting of a mixer, a container, a rotating device, a container lifting mechanism and a machine base.


Features Of Multi-Functional Mixing Machine:
1 6 Speed and Turbo Function: Multiple speed electric hand mixer will meet all of your mixing needs.
2 Safe and Sanitary Attachments:including 1 x Beaters, 1 x Dough Hooks,1 x whisk
3 Large Capacity 4.8QT Bowl with Handles
4 Blue indicator LED light
5 With Skid-resistant Feet
6 User-Friendly Tilt-Head Design


Multi-Functional Mixing Machine
Material ABS/304 Stainless steel
Features Machine Stand Mixer
Product Size 327*212*302mm
Attachmen 1 x Beaters, 1 x Dough Hooks,1 x whisk
Power (W) 300W
Voltage (V) 120V 
Weight 4.5kg


Technical Parameter Of Multi-Functional Mixing Machine
Model No. Bowl Capacity Mix Speed Volt Power N.W
LY-B10 10L 110/360R/Min 220V 450W 56kg
LY-B15 15L 110/360R/Min 220V 500W 58kg
LY-B20 20L 105/180/408R/Min 220/380V 750W 73kg
LY-B30 30L 105/180/408R/Min 220/380V 1300W 90kg
LY-B40 40L 80/160/310R/Min 220/380V 1500W 150kg
LY-B50 50L 74/150/288R/Min 220/380V 1800W 195kg
LY-B60 60L 74/150/288R/Min 380V 2000W 230kg
LY-B80 80L 75/111/147/220R/Min 380V 3000W 480kg
LY-B100 100L 75/111/147/220R/Min 380V 3000W 580kg


1. Don’t use it continuously for a long time, no matter how good the product is, it can’t stand excessive use. Usually pay attention to use, can prolong the life of the product. Generally, let the machine work continuously for 3-10 minutes and take a break.

2. If it is butter, then the butter must be softened and cut into small pieces before beating. Moreover, when the dough is beaten, because the dough will be relatively wet and sticky, the egg beater will be very hard to rotate, which will cause friction and heat, and the motor will be hot. It will cause a certain amount of damage to the egg beater, so try to reduce the frequency of mixing noodles as much as possible.

3. In addition, it should be noted that the line must have protective grounding. When the egg beater equipment is working, keep the machine working smoothly, and do not work under the shaking of the whole machine. When scrubbing, do not rinse the device with water. When the egg beater is working, do not overmix.


Cleaning Multi-Functional Mixing Machine
1 Unplug The Power Supply And Clean It After Power Off.
2 Remove The Mixing Ball And Mixing Tank Of The Egg Beater, First Rinse The Egg Liquid On It With Water, And Then Wash It Separately. Wipe The Mixing Tank With a Sponge Or Soft Cloth, Not With a Steel Wire Ball, So As Not To Damage The Surface; Use a Rag To Scrub The Mixing Ball, Do Not Bump It Hard, It Is Easy To Cause The Steel Wire To Break.
3 Wipe The Main Body And Base Of The Egg Beater With a Clean Rag. Do Not Soak In Water, Otherwise It Will Rust, And The Surface Of The Egg Beater Cannot Be Cleaned With a Steel Ball.
4 The Edges And Corners Of The Egg Beater And The Dead Corners That Cannot Be Wiped With a Rag Can Be Cleaned With a Sponge Cup Brush. After Cleaning, Dry The Water With a Dry Towel And Place It In a Dry And Ventilated Place.