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Brief Introduction Of Biscuit Manufacturing Machine

The biscuit production line is composed of biscuit forming machine, tunnel type hot air circulation electric oven, oil injection machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit sorting machine, biscuit sandwich machine, packaging table, etc. The whole line is controlled by CPU module, driven by a back-mounted motor, with a compact structure and a high degree of automation. All mechatronics such as baking, oil injection and cooling are automatically completed.

biscuits ingredients and recipe

What Is Biscuit Manufacturing Machine Price

Biscuit manufacturing machine
Model 225 280 400 600 1000
Total installed capacity (kw) 28.5 56 120 200 300
Baking temperature(℃) 200-300 200-300 200-300 200-300 200-300
Production capacity (kg/h) 50 100 200 300 1000
Dimensions (l×w×h)(mm) 18000×600×1500 28000×800×1500 48000×1000×1500 76000×1200×1750 103000×1850×2450
Price(USD) 16000 20000 22000 26000 30000
The biscuit manufacturing machine price is a promotional price in 2022, update price. Check with our biscuit manufacturing machine team. small biscuit making machine price

What Are The Ingredients Used In Making Biscuits?

The main raw material of biscuits is wheat flour, and then add sugar, oil, eggs, dairy and other auxiliary materials.

Biscuit manufacturing machine
Soft biscuits With wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw materials, adding bulking agents and other auxiliary materials, the shapes made by the cold powder process of powder mixing, rolling, rolling printing or punching and baking are mostly convex, with a cross-sectional structure. Baked food with porous structure and loose taste. Such as cream biscuits, scallion biscuits, sesame biscuits, meringue biscuits, etc.
Hard biscuits Take wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw materials, add bulking agents, improvers and other auxiliary materials, and the graphics made by hot powder process, rolling, roll cutting or printing and baking are mostly concave flowers. Smooth, flat surface, with pinholes, layered cross-section, and crispy baked goods. Such as milk cake, vanilla cake, egg cake, mary cake, boston cake and so on.
Fermented (soda) biscuit With wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw materials, yeast as a bulking agent, adding various auxiliary materials, after fermentation, powder mixing, rolling, lamination and baking, it is crunchy and has the unique characteristics of fermented products. Fragrant baked goods. Fermented cakes, also known as chocolate racks, are divided into salty fermented cakes and sweet fermented cakes according to their recipes.
Crispy biscuits A crispy baked food made of wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw materials, adding condiments and other auxiliary materials, after mixing, molding and baking.
Cookies Using wheat flour, sugar, and dairy products as the main raw materials, adding sparse agent and other auxiliary materials, kneading the noodles, forming one of the methods of extrusion, extrusion, wire cutting, etc., and baking. Crisp baked goods with three-dimensional patterns or regular ripples on the surface and high oil content.
Sandwich biscuits Sandwich baked goods with various sandwich materials added between two biscuits with sugar, oil or jam as the main raw material.

Oat Biscuit Recipes

Fully automatic biscuit making machine
Oatmeal 20% Low-gluten flour 24%
Raisins 15% Cinnamon Powder 5%
Milk 10% Egg 10%
Rum 5% Lemon Juice 2%
Butter 4% Sugar 3%
Baking powder 1% salt 1%

How do you make biscuits?

biscuits ingredients and recipe

Technology for biscuit manufacturing machine
Pre-treatment of raw and auxiliary materials Instructions–flour sieving, sugar crushing, palm oil, shortening, milk powder, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, enzyme preparation, sesame, sodium metabisulfite, edible flavor, edible salt
Kneading Instructions–Put the raw and auxiliary materials into the mixer and mix them into dough. Adopt equipment–600 type horizontal mixer. Mixing time 15-25 minutes.
Rolling and cutting into shape Instructions–After pressing the dough into four sheets, roll it and cut it into cake shells. Sprinkle sesame or peanuts or sugar or salt or not before putting it into the oven.
Baking Instructions – The formed cake embryo enters the oven and is heated by an electric heating tube to make the cake embryo mature. Use a Model 1000 direct-fired gas oven. Use temperature–230-270℃ Baking time–4~5 minutes
Oil spraying Instructions–The surface of the baked biscuits is sprayed with palm oil or rapeseed oil at about 40°C.
Cooling Description–The oil-sprayed biscuits need to be naturally cooled by the cooling line until the moisture is below 3%, and the biscuit temperature is about 30 ℃.
Packaging Instructions–After cooling, the biscuits are packed in OPP and CPP composite bags or aluminum thin packaging bags, and then packed in cartons.
Finished product Description–The finished product that has passed the packaging inspection must be stored at room temperature below 25°C and relative humidity below 60%.

What are the 4 types of biscuits?

There are hard biscuit, soft biscuit, sandwich biscuit and cookies are popular in the market. According to different recipes and production processes, sweet biscuits can be divided into two categories: hard biscuits and soft biscuits.

ingredient biscuit recipe

The characteristics of hard biscuits are that the impressions are mostly concave and there are pinholes on the surface. The surface of the product is smooth and smooth, the cross-sectional structure is layered, and it has a crunchy feeling when chewed, chewy, and crunchy for its unique characteristics. hard biscuits have a lower sugar-to-fat ratio than soft biscuits.

Generally, the amount of sugar is less than 30%, and the amount of oil is less than 20%. The characteristics of crisp biscuits are that the impressions are mostly convex, with obvious patterns and fine structures, which are 14% to 30% of the flour content. For some special products with loose sweetness, the amount of oil and fat can be as high as 50%.

ingredient biscuit recipe

Sandwich biscuits are based on hard biscuits or soft biscuits sandwiched with a layer of cream to enrich the taste of hard biscuits or soft biscuits. It is a diversified choice for customers and meets the taste buds of different customers.

Cookies are different from the first three types of cookies. Compared with soft cookies or hard cookies, the equipment used is different. The cookie forming machine is a line cut or drop type, with beautiful shape and soft taste.

What type of flour is used to make biscuits?

Biscuit making machine for factory
There are two types of biscuit flour, one is high-gluten flour, and the other is low-gluten flour. The specific choice depends on the biscuits made. The specific choices are as follows
1hard biscuit This type of biscuit is made of high-gluten flour. From the name, it can be seen that the shape of the biscuit is very thin. Because it is thin, high-gluten flour is used, because the high gluten content of high-gluten flour can effectively support crackers. Qualitative;
2soft biscuit These biscuits are made from low-gluten flour, which is famous for its crisp, crisp and fragrant products. The ingredients for this type of biscuits are generally low-gluten flour.

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