LOYAL is a well-known Biscuit Machinery Manufacturer in the cookie market. Biscuit Manufacturing Plants have recognized our Matcha Cookie Cookie Line, and we have invested a lot of money in research and development to upgrade our Biscuit Making Machine For Factory.

Our Automatic Biscuit Making Machine has a very high-cost performance, Biscuit Manufacturing Units can buy the highest quality Biscuit Production Line at the lowest price, at the same time we have developed a perfect after-sales service in the process of development over the years, can give Automatic Biscuit Plant the first-class service experience.

Biscuit Machine Diagram

Biscuit Machine Diagram

What is Cookie Production Line?

Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment is a new type of food machinery, which mainly consists of dough mixing machine, turning machine, cutting machine, stacking machine, pressing machine, forming machine, sugar spreading machine, tunnel oven, oil dripping machine, oil draining machine, and cooling conveyor, finishing machine and packing machine, etc. Commercial Biscuit Making Machine can produce different cookies such as tough cookies, shortbread cookies, soda cookies, and sandwich cookies, serving many different Biscuit Projects.

Process flow of Biscuit Processing Line.

Raw and auxiliary materials pretreatment —- dough preparation —- rolling —- forming —- baking —- cooling —- finishing —- packaging —- finished products.

Cookie flow chart

Cookie flow chart

Cookies are mainly divided into two categories: shortbread cookies and tough cookies. There is no difference in the Biscuit Making Process between these two types of cookies, except that tough cookie dough has high gluten content and less oil and sugar when choosing raw materials. In contrast, shortbread cookies have more oil and sugar and less gluten so that the taste will be more crispy.

Steps of Automatic Biscuit Production Line for producing cookies.

Steps of the Biscuit Making Plant process
Dough preparation Wheat flour, eggs, milk, and bulking agent, are mixed in the mixer to form a smooth dough with adjustable mixing time and speed.
Rolling The dough is rolled out to a uniform thickness. The thickness of the dough can be adjusted according to the type of cookie.
Forming The cookies are shaped using different Biscuit Production Line molds.
Baking The baking process is carried out in ovens with rigorous time and temperature requirements that determine the final quality of the cookies.
Cooling The cookies are cooled in the Cookie Production Line to prevent them from becoming soft and damp.
Sorting The cookies are sorted to screen out those that do not meet the sales standards and improve the quality of the cookies.
Packaging The cookies are packaged using Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment’s automated packaging machine.
Cookie detail picture

Cookie detail picture

Today, there are many different types of cookies in the cookie market, but the Biscuit Manufacturing Process is essentially the same and can be produced using the Biscuit Line. In addition, we can provide a variety of different types of molds, and we can also customize the cookie molds to meet the requirements of the Automatic Biscuit Plant.

Updated Biscuit System price list for 2022.

Biscuit Manufacturing Machine Price
Model 01 02 03 04
Power 80kw 150kw 200kw 250kw
Output 150-200kg/h 200-300kg/h 300-400kg/h 350-500kg/h
Biscuit Manufacturing Machine Price Us$3,500.00 Us$4,500.00 Us$5,500.00 Us$6,500.00
Above is the updated Biscuit Making Machine For Factory2022 promotional price; for more details, please contact our Automatic Biscuit Making Machine professional technical team.

2021 Customer Order Biscuit Production Line Maker Form:

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Cookie Production Line
1 Russia 800kg/h Energy Saving Commercial Biscuit Making Machine
2 Italy 200-300kg/h Plc Operating System Biscuit Processing Line
3 Ukraine 300kg/h High Efficiency Automatic Biscuit Production Line
4 500kg/h Easy Operate Biscuit Line In Singapore
Dealed Customers Who Repurchase Of Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment At 2021
1 Canada 600kg/h Stainless Steel Biscuit Making Technology
2 600-800kg/h Industrial Matcha Cookie Cookie Line In America
3 New Zealand 400kg/h Slight Weight Biscuit Making Machine For Factory
4 100kg/h Automatic Biscuit Making Machine For Sale In India

1. What are the main applications of the Biscuit Production Line?

Our Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment has a wide range of applications and can be adapted to produce different types of cookies by simply adjusting the Biscuit Making Process. In addition, we can provide hundreds of molds and dozens of recipes for Biscuit Making Plant. By changing the molds and recipes, we can produce various types of cookies famous in the market, such as cream cookies, sandwich cookies, ultra-thin cookies, milk cookies, soda cookies, animal cookies, multi-dimensional cookies, vegetable cookies, etc.

2. What are the main ingredients of Biscuit Line?

Matcha Cookie Line produces cookies with wheat flour as the main ingredient and then adds sugar, fats, eggs, and dairy products to produce a wide range of cookies.

3. Types of Biscuit System in the Market

By type of cookie, it can be classified as Matcha Cookie Cookie Line, Sandwich Biscuit Production Line, Soda Biscuit Production Line, Chocolate Biscuit Production Line, etc. By automation level, it can be classified into Fully Automatic Biscuit Production Line and Semi-automatic Biscuit Production Line. The Fully Automatic Biscuit Production Line price is higher than the Semi-automatic Biscuit Production Line. The Fully Automatic Biscuit Production Line output is also much higher than Semi-automatic Biscuit Production Line.

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