Loyal machinery manufacturer has more than 10 years of experience in cookie technology in the Biscuit Production Line industry. The Soda biscuit production line is a specialized Automatic Biscuit Plant for the production of soda cookies and many other types of cookies.

The Soda biscuit production line is a Biscuit Processing Line, which is often used in the Biscuit Project industry, and it does not require many people to operate it, so it is adapted to the development of society.

Soda biscuit production line

What is a Soda biscuit production line?

The multi-functional automatic Soda biscuit production line is developed by Loyal after years of development. Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment has a novel design, compact structure and high degree of automation, from feeding to calendering, forming, scrap recycling, drying, oil spraying and cooling is fully automatic and completed at one time.

At the same time, Loyal biscuits manufacturer provides customers with hundreds of molds and dozens of process recipes, by changing the molds and Biscuit Manufacturing Process recipes, we can produce a variety of popular high-grade cookies in the market, such as cream cookies, sandwich cookies, ultra-thin cookies, milk cookies, soda cookies, animal cookies, multi-dimensional cookies, vegetable cookies, etc. cookies, vegetable cookies, etc.

What are the features of Soda biscuit production line?

Advantages of Bakery Biscuit Making Machine
1 The Biscuit Making Machine is of high quality, easy to operate and has a high output.
2 Small Biscuit Making Machine PLC and touch screen provide the latest technology for programming all controls and operations.
3 The Industrial Biscuit Making Machine has a highly automated production method that requires only 2-3 workers to run the entire Biscuit Making Machine For Factory.
4 Small Cookie Making Machine can work efficiently to get more profit, save manpower and extend the life of the machine.
5 High productivity and wide range of applications by producing many types of cookies

Biscuit Production Line production process:

Dough mixing → Biscuit forming → Biscuit cutting → Controller → Baking → Oil spraying → Cooling → Packing → Finished product

Soda biscuit production line
Soda biscuit production line

What is the technical parameter of Small Biscuit Making Machine?

Soda biscuit production line technical parameters
Biscuit Production Line Model 001
Machine power supply voltage 380V/50HZ
Installed power 28.5KW
Mould roller Φ205×205mm
Baking temperature 200-300℃
Biscuit Line working width 200mm
Biscuit Processing Line production capacity 50Kg/h
Production line length 18m

Over the years, Loyal has obtained many Biscuit Manufacturing Process certifications such as CE and ISO9001 for its outstanding Soda biscuit production line, and has attracted many Biscuit Manufacturing Units from home and abroad.

Cases of Biscuit Making Equipment customers in 2021
1 Sale of 500kg/H Biscuit Making Plant in India
2 Sale of 800kg/H Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment in Pakistan
3 South Africa 300kg/H Automatic Biscuit Making Machine
4 500kg/H Industrial Biscuit Making Machine for sale in Mozambique
5 1Tkg/H Bakery Biscuit Making Machine for sale in Pakistan
2021 Buyback of Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment customer case
1 200kg/H Small Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment for sale in Vietnam
2 200-500KG/H Biscuit Production Line for US customer
3 200KG/H Biscuit Manufacturing Process for sale in Laos
4 600Kg/H Biscuit Making Machine for sale at low price in Thailand
5 500KG/H Biscuit Manufacturing Plant for sale in South Africa
Soda biscuit production line

1. How to choose the right Commercial Biscuit Making Machine?

If you are planning to start a cookie business, it is important to choose a suitable Cookie Production Line.

The Loyal Biscuit Processing Line is an ideal machine for continuous production of a wide range of cookies, developed by the Loyal Biscuit Processing Line R&D Department using the advanced Biscuit Manufacturing Process in response to the market demand for a wide range of cookie shapes, colors and nutritional content.

Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment fully complies with established quality standards, guaranteeing the durability and quality safety of Biscuit Processing Line.

The quality standards you need to pay close attention to include

International Standards Organization (ISO) certification to international manufacturing standards. The Biscuit Project market has great potential for children and young people alike to enjoy cookies.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) will ensure that your Biscuit Production Line meets current manufacturing practices.

2. Reasons for choosing Loyal Biscuit Manufacturing Plant

Loyal has over 10 years of Biscuit Making Plant manufacturing and export experience, we do 100% inspection before shipping, all Biscuit Systems have the best quality and the best service at a good price.

Our Automatic Biscuit Production Line has brought hope to many Automatic Biscuit Plants, helping them to upgrade their cookie production, achieve mass production in terms of output, and seize more market opportunities with high production efficiency and high production quality.

The Biscuit Production Line is reliable, long-lasting, easy to operate, and can produce a wide range of cookie shapes. Most importantly, the Automatic Biscuit Making Machine has a low price, low investment, low labor, small footprint, and much lower production costs than other similar Biscuit Lines.

If you have any questions about Biscuit Processing Line, please feel free to contact us.

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