As a professional Pet Biscuit machine manufacturer, our company has developed a multi-functional Fully Automatic Pet Biscuit Production Line after years of development, which realizes the fully automatic completion of Dog Biscuit from feeding to calendering forming, scrap recycling, drying, oil spraying, and cooling. The Pet Biscuit Equipment has a novel design, compact structure and high degree of automation.

Pet Biscuit Mechanical Diagram

Pet Biscuit Mechanical Diagram

The Pet Biscuit Production Line is a new generation of traditional equipment in China. The Pet Biscuit Production Line consists of a dough machine, a turning machine, a cutting machine, a crust stacker, a crust press, a forming machine, a sugar sprinkler, a tunnel oven, an oiling machine, a draining machine, a cooling conveyor and a finishing machine. It can produce different types of Pet Biscuits such as tough biscuits, shortbread biscuits, multi-dimensional biscuits, and vegetable biscuits.

Our Pet Biscuits are baked with wheat flour and fat as the main ingredients.

The Pet Biscuits are also popular with consumers for their fluffy texture, lightweight, full size, easy to store, easy to pack and carry, and easy to eat.

Pet Biscuit Processing Equipment is simple, and China, as the world’s leading agricultural country, offers an abundance of low-cost cereals for the processing and manufacturing of pet biscuits.

Pet Biscuit Mechanical Diagram

Pet Biscuit Mechanical Diagram

The main ingredients for Dog Biscuit Manufacturing are:

1. Tea, especially green tea and oolong tea, which contains polyphenols that inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and promote bowel movement.

2. Dog Biscuit is formulated with fresh ground meat rich in animal protein to ensure a balanced diet for your pet.

Dog Biscuit Making Machine’s production process.

Mixing —– forming – baking —- spraying —- cooling —- finishing – packaging.

Pet Biscuit Machinery Detail Drawing

Pet Biscuit Machinery Detail Drawing

What are the advantages of the Pet Biscuit Making Machine?

The advantages of Pet Biscuit Making Machine
1 Pet Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment is equipped with imported electrical components, which can be frequency controlled, energy saving, single and joint control.
2 The Pet Biscuit Production Line is fully automatic electromechanical equipment from mixing, feeding, pressing, forming, conveying, recycling, baking, oiling, cooling and packaging.
3 The thickness of the Dog Biscuits can be adjusted at will and the speed of the machine can be adjusted fast or slow, the Pet Dog Biscuit Machine also has a series of devices such as automatic power failure alarm for leakage.
4 The function of the Pet Dog Biscuit Making Machine is to roll the mixed dough into biscuits of various shapes and weights.
5 The Pet Biscuit Production Line can be lined up to turn the Production Line according to the user’s site requirements, as well as the requirements of Pet Biscuit Craft, in any combination, all of which can achieve the ideal.
6 Simple operation and low investment make it one of the ideal machines for Pet Biscuit Factory investments.

We offer our customers hundreds of moulds and dozens of Dog Biscuit Manufacturing Process recipes to produce a wide range of Pet Biscuits on the market by changing the moulds and Dog Biscuit Craft recipes.

What’s The Technical Parameters Of pet biscuit manufacturing machine?

Technical Parameters Of Pet Biscuit Manufacturing Machine
Item Voltage Size(L*W*H) Output Machine material
LY-1 480V 15000*1300*2300mm 15000*1300*2300mm Stainless steel
LY-2 480V 21000*1300*2200mm 400~600kg/h Stainless steel
LY-3 480V 34000*1900*2600mm 600~900kg/h Stainless steel
Material Stainless steel
Automatic Fully automatic
Function Of Pet Biscuit  Manufacturing Equipment The Biscuit Project of the equipment has the functions of automatic constant temperature, automatic baking, conveying, automatic oil injection, cooling, etc. It is also especially suitable for baking all kinds of food, with multiple functions and easy to change varieties.
This is our updated list of Pet Biscuit machines in stock in 2022. If you need to verify or update, please contact us.
Pet Biscuit Detail

Pet Biscuit Detail

2021 Customer Order Pet Biscuit Production Line Maker Form:

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Dog Treat Production Line
1 America 600kg/h Automatic Electric Industrial Dog Treat Line Machine
2 Japan 400-500kg/h China Ce Manufactory Dog Treat Production Line
3 2t/h Full Automatic Dog Treat Production Line Thailand
4 700kg/h Professional Dog Treat Production Line For Sale In Russia
Dealed Customers Who Repurchase Of Dog Biscuit Production Line At 2021
1 France 700kg/h high Quality Dog Biscuit Production Line Technology
2 Singapore 400-600kg/h Easy Operation Dog Biscuit Production Line
3 800kg/h Best Price Dog Biscuits Line Machine In Turkey Factory
4 Indonesia 1-2t/h Energy Saving Dog Biscuit Production Line
Pet Biscuit Detail

Pet Biscuit Detail

1. What is the Pet Biscuit Production Line made up of?

Biscuit System consists of biscuit forming machine, tunnel type hot air circulation electric baking oven, oil spraying machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit sandwiching machine, and packing table.

The whole line is controlled by CPU module, back hung motor drive, compact structure, and high degree of automation, from feeding, three presses, forming, sieving sugar, conveying, scrap, recycling. Baking, oil spraying, and cooling are all fully automatic in the Pet Biscuit Production Line.

2. How to Clean a Biscuit Maker?

1. The Pet Biscuit Production Line has to be cleaned regularly by taking out the screens. Rinse the strainer with a reverse flush or gently brush the strainer with a brush.

2. Place the filter back into the machine after cleaning and position it correctly.

3. Remove debris and make a good collection during the cleaning process and clean up the site at the same time. 

4. The mixing blades in the Pet Biscuit Production Line need to be cleaned several times if they are difficult to clean. To prevent damage to the non-stick layer, do not use abrasive cleaners or hard woollen fabrics for cleaning.

3. How can I tell the condition of the egg in the Pet Biscuit Production Line?

1. During the Pet Biscuits Manufacturing process, if the eggs are fresh, they will not have an unpleasant smell, only a slightly fishy smell.

2. If a pungent smell is present, it is evidence of spoilage and should not be consumed and should be discarded to prevent your pet from becoming ill.

In our Pet Biscuit Production Line, the egg mixture is rigorously tested to produce high-quality Dog Biscuits, so you can rest assured that our products are safe to use.