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Brief Introduction Of Biscuit Sandwich Machine

Biscuits are made from wheat flour (or glutinous rice flour) as the main raw material, adding (or not adding) sugar, oil and other auxiliary materials, after mixing, molding and baking, the crispy food with moisture less than 6.5%.

Biscuits are a snack food that we often eat, and it is also a convenient food for work and students. The common biscuits on the market are divided into sandwich and non-sandwich. In terms of taste, sandwich biscuits are better. Sandwich biscuits are made by adding nutritious ingredients such as high melting point shortening, powdered sugar, vitamins and spices between two refined biscuits.

Jam Sandwich Biscuit Production Line

What Is Biscuit Manufacturing Machine Price

Biscuit sandwich machine
Model 225 280 400 600 1000
Total installed capacity (kw) 28.5 56 120 200 300
Baking temperature(℃) 200-300 200-300 200-300 200-300 200-300
Production capacity (kg/h) 50 100 200 500 1000
Dimensions (l×w×h)(mm) 18000×600×1500 28000×800×1500 48000×1000×1500 76000×1200×1750 103000×1850×2450
Price(usd) 16000 20000 22000 26000 30000
The biscuit sandwich machine price is a promotional price in 2022, update price. Check with our biscuit sandwich machine team. Small biscuit making machine price

What Materials Are Used To Make Sandwich Biscuit?

Main raw materials: 1 flour 2 white sugar 3 eggs 4 loosening agent 5 milk powder 6 essence 7 carbon ammonia 8 soda, etc. Sandwich process: biscuits→picking and sorting→sandwich→packing→finished product

Production method of sandwich biscuit machine
1. Cream preparation Heat the oil to make it in a molten state, put it in a mixer, add sugar powder, spices, etc. While stirring, until it is evenly mixed. The general stirring time is 5 to 10 minutes. The ratio of powdered sugar to fat is about 5.5
2. Sizing First, put the bottom side of the biscuits up, fix them flat, and then use the machine to evenly coat a layer of sandwich cream. Attention should be paid to retaining appropriate gaps around the biscuit plane. Generally, the ratio of cream to biscuit is 1
3. Sandwich Take another biscuit, put it bottom down, compound it on top of the biscuit coated with cream, press slightly to make the two biscuits and the cream stick together.
4. Packaging When the cream is just sandwiched, because the grease has not yet solidified, it is easily moved by external forces, affecting the appearance and causing breakage, so it should be packed immediately after sandwiching.
Packaging has the following functions Fixing the shape and reducing breakage. Reduce foreign pollution and ensure food hygiene. Prevent moisture, reduce the possibility of contact with oxygen in the air, and prolong the shelf life of the product. Increase the appearance and improve the commodity value of the sandwich biscuits.
5. Finished product Sandwich biscuits should be stored in a sealed can, stored in a dry and ventilated place, to prevent the temperature from being too high, so as to avoid melting or deterioration of the sandwich.

What Is Cream Biscuit Cream Made Of?

Generally speaking, the cream in sandwich biscuits will use the following materials: butter, powdered sugar, freeze-dried mango powder, etc. You can add different flavors of fruit powder according to your preferences. According to the hardness (or fluidity) you need, choose oils with different melting points and adjust the ratio of sugar and oil.

Technology of biscuit sandwiching machine—how to make sandwich biscuits?
Butter 29%
Powdered sugar 58%
Freeze-dried mango powder 13%

What Is The Process Of Making Sandwich Biscuits?

Flow Chart:Flour Mixer→Shaping&Cutting → Baking Oven→ Spraying Oil → Cooling →Packing

Jam Sandwich Biscuit Production Line

Technology for soft sandwich biscuit manufacturing machine—how to make sandwich biscuits?
Pre-treatment of raw and auxiliary materials Instructions–flour sieving, sugar crushing, palm oil, shortening, milk powder, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, enzyme preparation, sesame, sodium metabisulfite, edible flavor, edible salt, maltitol
Kneading Instructions–Put the raw and auxiliary materials into the mixer and mix them into dough. Adopt equipment–600 type horizontal mixer. Mixing time 2-5 minutes.
Rolling and cutting into shape Instructions–After pressing the dough into four sheets, roll it and cut it into cake shells. Sprinkle sesame or peanuts or sugar or salt or not before putting it into the oven.
Baking Instructions – The formed cake embryo enters the oven and is heated by an electric heating tube to make the cake embryo mature. Use a Model 1000 direct-fired gas oven. Use temperature–210-250℃ Baking time–6~7 minutes
Oil spraying Instructions–The surface of the baked biscuits is sprayed with palm oil or rapeseed oil at about 40°C.
Cooling Description–The oil-sprayed biscuits need to be naturally cooled by the cooling line until the moisture is below 3%, and the biscuit temperature is about 30 ℃.
Packaging Instructions–After cooling, the biscuits are packed in OPP and CPP composite bags or aluminum thin packaging bags, and then packed in cartons.
Finished product Description–The finished product that has passed the packaging inspection must be stored at room temperature below 25°C and relative humidity below 60%.

Is Sandwich Biscuit Manufacturing Profitable?

The biscuit production line is a production line that I strongly recommend to everyone. The sandwich biscuit production line has less investment (100kg/h production line is only 10,000USD), and has a lot of business. After three months of operation, the equipment cost will be recovered.

Jam sandwich biscuit production line
Market advantage As a snack food popular with people of all ages, the sandwich production line cannot be replaced by any kind of snack. A sandwich biscuit production line can make a variety of shapes and flavors of food. It’s a lucrative business.
Labor advantage Cheap labor is ideal for developing labor-intensive industries.
Advantages of raw material resources The favorable natural conditions enable the large-scale planting of wheat, and the raw materials required for the project can be obtained locally, which reduces a large amount of transportation costs and greatly reduces product costs.
Environmental advantages The biscuit production line has less pollution and is a project strongly advocated by the government.

Customer Cases For Biscuit Sandwich Machine For Factory In 2021

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Customer cases for jam sandwich biscuit production line for factory in 2021
1 1t/h cost of biscuit sandwich machine sold in russia
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Customer case of biscuit sandwiching machine at 2021
7 1t/h biscuit making machine for factory in uzbekistan
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10 Bangladesh 2t/h fully automatic biscuit making machine
Dealed customer have technology ofsandwich biscuit machine at 2021
11 1t/h thai jam sandwich biscuit production line
12 Uzbekistan 1t/h fully automatic sandwich biscuit machine
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14 800kg/h industrial biscuit sandwiching machine for sale in nigeria