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Biscuit Recipe
Soft Biscuit Hard Biscuit
Flour: 25kg Flour: 25kg
Sugar: 6kg Sugar: 4kg
Palm Oil: 6kg Palm Oil: 2.5kg
Butter: 0.5kg Milk Powder: 0.25kg
Water: 2.5kg Water: 6kg
Syrup: 300g Syrup: 0.5kg
Ammonium Bicarbonate: 100g Ammonium Bicarbonate: 0.5kg
Baking Soda: 100g Baking Soda: 200g
Salt: 150g Sodium Metabisulfite: 20g
Starch: 1kg Flavor: 15g


Bakery Biscuits Ingredients
Type Features
Tough Biscuits The Impressions Of Tough Biscuits Are Mostly Concave Flowers With Pinholes On The Surface.
Shortbread Cookies Most Of The Shapes Made By The Cold Powder Process Of Powder Mixing, Rolling, Rolling Printing Or Punching And Baking Are Convex, And The Cross-Sectional Structure Presents a Porous Structure And a Baked Food With a Loose Taste.
Fermented (Soda) Cake: With Wheat Flour, Sugar And Oil As The Main Raw Materials, Yeast As a Bulking Agent, Adding Various Auxiliary Materials, After Fermentation, Powder Mixing, Rolling, Lamination And Baking, It Is Crispy And Has The Unique Characteristics Of Fermentation Products. Fragrant Baked Goods.
Cookies: Crisp Baked Goods With Three-Dimensional Patterns Or Regular Ripples On The Surface And High Oil Content Are Made By Using Wheat Flour, Sugar And Dairy Products As The Main Raw Materials, Adding Bulking Agents And Other Auxiliary Materials.
Sandwich Biscuits Sandwich Baked Goods With Various Sandwich Materials Added Between Two Biscuits, Sugar, Oil Or Jam As The Main Raw Material


To Establish a Small Food Processing Plant, There Are Two Situations:
1. Self-Employed
2. Company
In Either Case, a Food Production License Is Required, Which Is Handled At The Local Food And Drug Administration, Provided That a Business License For Industry And Commerce Is Obtained.
1. To Apply For a Food Production License, One Should First Obtain a Business License And Other Legal Subject Qualifications.
2. Application For Food Production License. Other Conditions Stipulated By Laws And Regulations.
Process Design Requirements For Biscuit Food Clean Workshop:
Although The Process Of Biscuit Production Varies With The Variety, In General, The Process Can Basically Be Summarized As: Ingredients, Powder Mixing, Forming, Baking, Cooling, And Packaging. According To The Process Requirements, The Biscuit Workshop Usually Has a Sugar-Dissolving Room, a Forming Room, a Baking Room, a Cooling Room, And a Packaging Room. If Soda Biscuits Are Produced, a Fermentation Room Should Also Be Set Up.

Loyal’s export market share in the international market has steadily increased. According to the automatic biscuit production line export goods trade data in 2021, Loyal’s export market share in the international market is 86.5%, of which automatic biscuit production line’s export market share in Africa is 20.8%, and xxx’s export market share in the Americas is 30.2%.

Automatic biscuit production line exports to Asia with a market share of 35.5%, if you are interested in automatic biscuit production line, please contact us immediately, we will provide you with the most cost-effective turnkey solution.

Cooperated Customer With Biscuit Making Machine Technology At 2021
1 China 300t/Year Industrial Automatic Biscuit Making Plant
2 1T/H Tough Automatic Biscuit Making Plant For Sale In Puerto Rico
3 Senegal 1T/H Industrial Biscuit Making Machine
Second- Cooperation Customers Of Biscuit Making Machine At 2021
1 1T/H Biscuit Making Machine For Sale In Côte d’Ivoire
2 1T/H Biscuit Making Machine Sold In Russia
3 1T/H Biscuit Making Machine For Sale In Uzbekistan
Cooperated Customer Finished Plant Of Biscuit Making Machine At 2021
1 1000kg/h Industrial Automatic Biscuit Making Machine For Sale In Senegal
2 Mozambique 1T/H Industrial Biscuit Making Machine
3 1T/H Thai Biscuit Making Machine
Cooperated Customer Which Producing High-Classic Product
1 Austria Sells Industrial Biscuit Machine 100kg/h
2 Algerian Biscuit 300kg/h Production Line
3 800kh/h Industrial Biscuit Machine In Nigeria