About Automatic Biscuit Production Line Solutions

We are a manufacturer specialising in high quality Biscuits Production Line. The Biscuits Machine is a compact and highly automated Automatic Biscuit Production Line with full electromechanical integration from feeding, forming, sieving sugar, baking, spraying oil and cooling. The machine can produce soft biscuits, hard biscuits, butter biscuits, sandwich biscuits and many other types of biscuits to meet the different needs of customers.

The Biscuit Making Machine is made from food grade 304 stainless steel and can be supplied with hundreds of moulds and dozens of recipes to produce the most popular shapes of biscuits on the market simply by changing the moulds and recipes.

Pet Biscuit Production Line

As a professional Pet Biscuit machine manufacturer, our company has developed a multi-functional Fully Automatic Pet Biscuit Production Line after years of development, which realizes the fully automatic completion of Dog Biscuit from feeding to calendering forming, scrap recycling, drying, oil spraying, and cooling. The Pet Biscuit Equipment has a novel design, compact structure and […]

Pet Biscuit Production Line

Jam Sandwich Biscuit Production Line

As one professional biscuit sandwich machine manufacturer,we can offer small, medium and large sandwich biscuit for sale. The sandwich biscuit has reasonable price, reliable quality and professional service! Our company provides customers full set service .Cost accounting,sandwich biscuit technology design,sandwich biscuit recipes, machine installation and debugging, design sandwich biscuit molds according to customer requirements. Brief […]

Jam Sandwich Biscuit Production Line

Small Scale Biscuit Production Line

As a professional fully automatic small scale biscuit production line manufacturer,our small scale biscuit production line design good manufacturing process. small scale biscuit production line can take wheat flour, butter, sugar, powder, milk powder, loosening agent, egg and others as raw materials to make the different type biscuit for sales. The etymology of biscuits is “bread that has […]

Small Scale Biscuit Production Line

Sandwich Biscuits Production Line

As a professional fully automatic biscuit making machine manufacturer,our sandwich biscuits production line design good manufacturing process. sandwich biscuits production line can take wheat flour, butter, sugar, powder, milk powder, loosening agent, egg and others as raw materials to make the different type biscuit for sales. A sandwich cookie, also known as a sandwich biscuit, is a type […]

Sandwich Biscuits Production Line

Large Biscuit Production Line

As a professional large biscuit production line manufacturer, Our automatic biscuit production line is summed up by a number of biscuit food technical engineers who have more than ten years of experience. Loyal automatic biscuit making machine with the best biscuit making technology. And also Loyal can provide the basic formula and process documents, which […]

Large Biscuit Production Line

Detailed questions and answers about Biscuit Production Line

In recent years, our biscuit technology has continued to absorb advanced technology from home and abroad, and we are constantly innovating and committed to providing our customers with elegant, high-quality machinery.

If you need to purchase an Industrial Biscuit Making Machine, we will provide you with the most comprehensive and professional consulting services, as well as the best quality machines and the most suitable and favourable prices.

What are the technical parameters of the manufacturing process of the Commercial Biscuit Making Machine?

Biscuit  machine models 1 2 3 4
Power and voltage Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke
Installation capacity 28.5KW 110KW 220kw(Gas 25kw) Bespoke
Heat source Electric Electric, Gas Electric, Gas Electric, Gas
Baking temperature 200-300℃ 200-300℃ 200-300℃ 200-300℃
Biscuit Making Machine Production capacity 50-100Kg/h 100-300Kg/h 400-600Kg/h 600-1000Kg/h
Machine model of Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment Price (USD)
01 Processing Line USD 16,500.00
02 Processing Line USD 22,500.00
03 Processing Line USD 46,800.00
04 Processing Line USD 65,000.00

Industrial Biscuit Making Machine Composition and Structure

The Biscuit Production Line consists of a biscuit forming machine, a tunnel type hot air circulation electric baking oven, an oil spraying machine, a bending machine, a cooling line, a biscuit finishing machine, a biscuit sandwich machine and a packaging table.

Production Flow Chart Of Biscuit Making Machine

Flour, Accessories -> Dough Preparation -> Sheeting -> Roll Forming -> Baking -> Oiling -> Cooling -> Finished Product

Raw and auxiliary materials


Sieved flour, crushed sugar, shortening, milk powder, sesame seeds,

flavorings, salt, etc.


Dough mixing


The raw and auxiliary ingredients are put into the equipment and the doug is

formed by the mixer of the Biscuit Production Line.



Roll cutting and forming


The dough is pressed into sheets and then rolled and cut into biscuits.





The biscuits are heated directly into the baking oven where they mature.





The biscuits are naturally cooled on the cooling line until

the moisture content is below 3%.




The cooled biscuits are packed in OPP and CPP bags or

aluminium bags and then packed in cardboard boxes.


What are the advantages of the new Biscuit Machine?



The new Automatic Biscuit Production Line Conventional Biscuit Machine
Material 304 201stainless steel
Control system


Advanced computer touch screen, PLC control push button
Fully automatic


Automatic, continuous feeding, flattening, cutting and conveying


Finished product


Various types of biscuit snacks, different sizes of sandwich biscuits  One type of biscuit



150KG/H Automatic Biscuit manufacturing process machine For South Africa
300KG/H Biscuit manufacturing process plant For India
350KG/H Biscuit manufacturing process equipment For Italy
500KG/H Automatic Biscuit chunks manufacturing process machine For Sale Botswana
800kg/h Industrial Biscuit Making Machine For Spain


1t/h Commercial Biscuit Making Machine For South Africa
500kg/h Soft Biscuit Production Line In Usa
600kg/h Automatic Biscuit Production Line In Italy
Nigeria 400kg/h Industrial Biscuit Making Machine Factory

1.What is the development prospect of the biscuit market?

Biscuits are a very popular snack food, and they have penetrated into the streets. The development prospects for biscuits are therefore very promising and there are huge opportunities.

The Automatic Biscuit Production Line is a fully automated production line that produces high efficiency and reliable biscuits that are well accepted by modern consumers.

2.What is the Biscuit Production Line ?

The Biscuit Production Line is a new type of biscuit production line that can mix, extrude, bake, cool and pack biscuits in a single operation, providing a high level of efficiency and economic benefits to manufacturers.

The Automatic Biscuit Production Line includes mixers, screw conveyors, extruders, high temperature ovens, coolers and packaging machines, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

3.Industries using Biscuit Production Line?

The Biscuits Production Line is a very important part of the food processing industry and is well recognised in the food industry and has brought high economic benefits to numerous companies.

The Biscuit Making Line can be used to produce many different types of biscuits such as shortbread, tough biscuits, chocolate biscuits, sandwich biscuits and biscuits, and the ability to change moulds to produce different shapes such as bears, squares, triangles, stars and circles makes it very easy to use and helps manufacturers to gain more opportunities.

4.Benefits of Biscuit Production Line

The Biscuit Making Equipment is made from food-grade stainless steel, which is resistant to wear and corrosion and has a long life span, allowing manufacturers to invest once for a lifetime.

In addition, the machine is fully automated, allowing the mixing, extrusion, baking and cooling of the ingredients to be completed in a single operation, reducing labour costs and ensuring the quality of the biscuits produced.

5.Support Equipment to buy with Biscuit Production Line

The Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment basic equipment includes mixers, screw conveyors, extrusion machines, high temperature ovens, cooling machines and packaging machines.

If you want to make your biscuit production process even more advanced and smooth, you will need support equipment such as feeders, filling and weighing machines, melting tanks, moulds of various shapes, etc. We can provide a wide range of support equipment to ensure that your production process is more efficient and high quality.

6.How Biscuit Production Line Works

The Biscuits Production Line works by mixing the ingredients, extruding, baking, cooling and packaging.

The ingredients, such as wheat flour, milk and eggs, are first fed into a mixer, where they are mixed with water to form a dough, then fed into an extruder, where the dough is rolled into biscuits and then cut into different shapes using different moulds. The biscuits are then sprayed with rapeseed oil to give them a golden colour and then baked in the oven.

Biscuit Production Line Maintenance Process

The key to extending the life of your Industrial Biscuit Making Machine is to carry out routine maintenance as follows.

  1. After the machine has cooled down, remove the screen and clean it, returning it to the machine in good time and in the correct position.
  2. When cleaning, pay attention to the removal of debris, do a good job of collecting impurities, and at the same time every time after the completion of production should be properly cleaned to avoid the accumulation of impurities.
  3. Never use abrasive cleaning agents and hard woollen fabrics for cleaning to avoid damaging the non-stick layer and affecting the next mixing and cleaning effect.
  4. For easy wear parts should be coated with lubricant in time.
  5. Regularly check for faults and carry out repairs when minor problems occur.

7.Types of Biscuit Production Line in the Market

The types of Biscuit Production Line in the market are mainly divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic lines.

Semi-automatic biscuit production lines are less expensive but require more labour, whereas fully automatic biscuit production lines are more expensive but, again, consume less labour.

Manufacturers can buy according to their needs. If your production needs are low, you can buy a semi-automatic line, but if your production needs are high, then obviously a fully automatic line is more suited to your needs.

8.How much Biscuit Production Line Cost

Our Biscuit Making Machines range in price from a few thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the level of automation and production capacity, so if you are unsure of which machine to purchase, contact us and we will recommend the best line for your needs.

9.How biscuits are manufactured in a factory?

The Industrial Biscuit Making Machine is a fully automated, highly efficient biscuit making machine that is used in factories.

The biscuits are then baked in an oven at a high temperature, cooled in a cooling line and finally packaged in a packaging machine.

10.What are the raw materials for biscuit?

There are many different types of biscuit and the proportions of the ingredients used vary considerably from one type of biscuit to another.

The most basic ingredients are wheat flour, sugar and fat, with other auxiliary ingredients such as glutinous rice flour, starch, eggs, milk and nuts. If you need a good quality biscuit recipe, you can contact us and we can provide it for you.