As a professional manufacturer of Industrial Biscuit Making Machines, LOYAL combines advanced Biscuit technology in China and abroad. A number of engineers with experience in Biscuit production technology are constantly researching and communicating with many Biscuit Project customers, fully considering the Biscuit Manufacturer and helping the Biscuit Manufacturer to get the maximum benefit.

The LOYAL Automatic Biscuit Making Machine has been developed with the Biscuit Manufacturer’s needs and feedback in mind.

The Biscuit Line has been awarded several Biscuits Project technology patents and is the most up-to-date Biscuit Making Machine in accordance with the international Biscuit System standards.

Biscuit making machine diagram

Biscuit making machine diagram

What are the advantages of the Industrial Biscuit Making Machine?

The Advantages of Industrial Biscuit Making Machine
1. The Cookie Production Line is made of 304 stainless steel and is of very reliable quality.
2. The Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment is robust, resistant to wear and corrosion, and very easy to clean, providing Biscuit Manufacturing Units with high quality biscuits.
3.The Automatic Biscuit Plant is highly automated, requiring only 2-3 workers to run the entire Biscuit Line.
4. The Commercial Biscuit Making Machine is a combination of various machines that can be used by manufacturers in combination or as a stand-alone machine.
5. The Biscuit Manufacturing Process can produce a wide range of biscuit types with high productivity and a wide range of applications.
Biscuit machinery diagram

Biscuit machinery diagram

How are biscuits produced?

Biscuit Making Process: The raw material flour material is first pre-treated, then the raw material is put into the machine and formed into dough by the mixer in the Biscuit System; the dough is pressed into dough sheets and cut into the required biscuit shapes, then the shaped biscuit shapes can be baked, and after the biscuits have matured and are sprayed with oil and cooled they are ready for packing in cartons.

The Biscuit Making Machine consists of a biscuit forming machine, a tunnel type hot air circulation electric baking oven, an oil spraying machine, a bending machine, a cooling line, a biscuit finishing machine, a biscuit sandwich machine and a packing table.

Biscuit Making Machine detail picture

Mechanical Detail Drawing
Mechanical Detail Drawing

Mechanical Detail Drawing

Biscuit Making Machine Specification parameters:

Technical parameters of Industrial Biscuit Making Machine
Biscuit Processing Line models 001 002 003 004 005
Biscuit Line power and voltage Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke
Biscuit Making Plant installation capacity 28.5KW 55KW 110KW 220kilowatt( Gas type25kw) Bespoke
Biscuit Production Line heat source Electricity Electricity Electricity,gas Electricity,gas Electricity,gas
Baking temperature 200-300℃ 200-300℃ 200-300℃ 200-300℃ 200-300℃
Automatic Biscuit Plant Production capacity 50~60Kg/h 100kg/h 150-200Kg/h 400-500kg/h 600-900kg/h
Production line length 21000mm 30000mm 43000mm Bespoke Bespoke
Latest Industrial Biscuit Making Machine promotional prices for 2022
Biscuit Line Cookie Production Line production capacity Biscuit Processing Line Price
1 50-100kg/h US$10,000.00
2 100-300KG/H US$30,000.00
3 500-1000KG/H US$50,000.00
Prices for Automatic Biscuit Production Line are promotional prices, for updated prices, please contact our service team.
Biscuit diagram

Biscuit diagram

Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment is a high quality Biscuit Processing Line for fully automatic biscuit production from the mixing of ingredients to the finished product, perfectly adapted to the changing market and to the different needs of the Biscuits Manufacturer.

Customer case for buying back Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment in 2021
1 200kg/H Small Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment for sale in Vietnam
2 200-500KG/H Biscuit Production Line for a customer in Thailand
3 200KG/H Biscuit Manufacturing Process for sale in Laos
4 600Kg/H Biscuit Making Machine for sale at low price for US customer
5 500KG/H Biscuit Manufacturing Plant for sale in South Africa
Biscuit diagram

Biscuit diagram

Frequently asked questions about Automatic Biscuit Production Line:

1. Is it profitable to start a biscuit business?

With the rising standard of living in recent years, biscuits have become the first choice of leisure food for the masses and the demand for biscuits is increasing.

LOYAL Biscuit Making Machine is a specialized machine for the production of various types of biscuits. If you are planning to become a Biscuits Manufacturer, you can always contact us and we will provide you with the most cost-effective Biscuit Equipment.

2.What is the price cost of the Industrial Biscuit Making Machine?

The price of an Automatic Biscuit Production Line varies depending on the size and type of machine and the level of automation.

Biscuit Making Plant is certainly a profitable business and it is possible to start a small business without a lot of capital.

If you don’t have a lot of money you can opt for a small machine, the bigger and faster the machine the higher the price will be.

Small Biscuit Processing Lines can cost between $10,000 – $40,000

The large Biscuit Production Line costs between $40,000 and $80,000

The Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machine costs between US$80,000 and US$100,000