As a professional large biscuit production line manufacturer, Our automatic biscuit production line is summed up by a number of biscuit food technical engineers who have more than ten years of experience. Loyal automatic biscuit making machine with the best biscuit making technology. And also Loyal can provide the basic formula and process documents, which can save automatic biscuit making plant costs while improving good development in the soft and hard biscuit manufacturing industrial market. Getting the project profitable in the soft and hard biscuit manufacturing industry. The machine material of fully automatic biscuit making machine is SS304. The final products can be hard and soft biscuit, soda cracker, cookies, also stick biscuit, print biscuit and chocolate filling biscuit, etc,. for sale.

Large biscuit production line is with original design, compact structure and full automatic features. All biscuit manufacturing process working procedures are from flour mixing, molding, waste recycling, baking to cooling and can be full automatic in one line. Hundreds of biscuit moulds and dozens of biscuit processing technology recipes make it possible to produce all kinds of popular biscuits, such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, soda cracker, vegetable biscuits, etc. The biscuit thickness can be adjusted, and mechanical operation, frequency control of motor speed, adjust freely according to different products. Biscuit production process has advanced functions such as leakage power and alarm automatically. Automatic temperature adjustment freely according to different products, baking, automatic transmission, automatic fuel injection, automatic cooling, etc in the cookies manufacturing process.

Large Biscuit Production Line

How To Start a Biscuit Factory Project?

1.First you need to know what kind of biscuit business do you want to make? Where to built the factory? Before deciding to build a factory, the one things we need to confirm first is the type of factory and the structure of the biscuit manufacture plant.

2.The second is need to confirm what kind of biscuit production process do you want to make? What’s more, the other things is need to know the biscuit equipment and cost investment of the biscuit factory and the subsequent preparations.

3.For the establishment of a biscuit processing factory, we must first confirm the type of biscuit. Second is the composition of the factory’s machinery and equipment. And then we need to know the full automatic biscuit production line and processing technology.

What Are The Steps In Making Biscuits?

The large biscuit production line is composed of flour mixer, biscuit forming machine, inlet oven machine, tunnel-type hot air circulation oven, outlet oven machine, biscuit peeling machine,oil spray, cooling section line, 180°turning machine, cooling line, biscuit stacking machine,sorting table, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit sandwiching machine, packaging machine, etc. The whole biscuit manufacturing process line adopts CPU module control, back-mounted motor drive, compact structure, high degree of automation, from feeding, three-stage pressing, forming, sugar screening, conveying, waste, and recycling. All electromagnetically integration such as baking, fuel injection and cooling are completed automatically in the biscuit production process.

The manufacturing processing of the automatic biscuit making machine is :

Flour Mixer—Biscuit Forming Machine—Inlet Oven Machine—Tunnel-Type Hot Air Circulation Oven—Outlet Oven Machine—Biscuit Peeling Machine—Oil Spray—Cooling Section Line—180°Turning Machine—Cooling Line—Biscuit Stacking Machine—Sorting Table—Packing Machine

Large Biscuit Production Line

Which Machines Are Used In Making Biscuits?

Large Biscuit Production Line

The Equipment List Of The Automatic Biscuit Production Line
No. Automatic Biscuit Making Machine Name Detail Descriptions Of The Biscuit Machine.
1 Flour Mixer To mixer the flour with water or something else, can be used unique or with other machine.
2 Dough Cutting Machine Cut the flour dough, then easy to feeding the materials.
3 Dough Conveyor Conveyor the dough into the hopper of biscuit forming machine, the height can be adjusted according to the different machine.
4 Roll Forming Machine To make the dough into the giving shape,for processing hard biscuit.
5 Crisp Biscuit Forming Machine Used to soft biscuit forming.
6 Inlet Oven Machine Combined the biscuit forming machine with tunnel oven.
7 Intelligent Temperature Control Tunnel Oven Used to baking biscuit.
8 Outlet Oven Machine Combined the oven with turning machine, it is used for conveying baked biscuit out of oven smoothly.
9 Oil Spray Spay the oil on the surface of the biscuit .
10 180°Turning Machine Biscuit turning machine makes a 180°turn after biscuit come out of the oven, so that the plant can be used properly.
11 Food Grade Cooling Conveyor(24 m) Used for cooling and conveying the biscuits in normal condition.
12 Sorting Table Put the arranged biscuits together for easy packaging.

What Is The Cost Of Biscuit Making Machine?

Large Biscuit Production Line

Technical Parameter Of The Full Automatic Biscuit Production Line
NO. Model Type Length of oven Temperature zone Output capacity
1 LY-400 30-40M 3 250-380KG
2 LY-600 50M 3 500-630KG
3 LY-800 50-60M 4 750-1000KG
4 LY-1000 50-60M 4 880-1130KG
5 LY-1200 65M 4 1000-1250KG
The Price Of The Biscuit Making Machine
No Output (kg/h) Price range
1 50-60kg/h USD 6,000.00-USD13,000.00
2 100KG/HUSD 9,000.00-USD16,000.00
3 150-200KG/H USD 24,000.00-29,000.00
The price of the biscuit production line is the promoted price, updated price, pls contact our service team.

What Is Raw Material Use In Process Of The Large Biscuit Production Line?

Large Biscuit Production Line

No. Types Of The Biscuit Which Made By The Biscuit Manufacture Plant Biscuit Ingredients and the biscuit features
1 Soft biscuit Wheat flour, sugar, fats as the main raw materials, adding bulking agents and other recipes, through the cold powder technology of mixing, roller pressure, roller printing, baking made of shape for the embossed flowers. The soft biscuits, cross-sectional structure presents porous tissue, which the taste of biscuits is crispy. Such as cream biscuits, sesame biscuits and so on.
2 Hard biscuit Wheat flour, sugar, fats as the main raw materials, with bulking agents and other recipes, through the hot power process of mixing, roller pressure, roller cutting, to baked made of graphics are mostly concave flowers shaped crumbly biscuits, with flat surface, layered the cross-sectional structure, and crumbly texture. Such as milk biscuit, Mary’s biscuit, etc.
3 Cookies wheat flour, sugar, dairy products as the main raw materials, adding bulking and other recipes, using bought extrude manner, squeeze, strip, steel wire knuckle cutting and other methods to mold the shapes, and to bake made with three-dimensional pattern or surface with regular ripples, high fat content of crisp baked biscuits.
4 Sandwich biscuits The kind of bakery products with sugar, fat or jam added between two biscuits as the main ingredients.

What Are The Features Of The Automatic Biscuit Production Line?

The fully automatic biscuit production line adopts advanced foreign technology, and through the continuous practice improvement of Loyal company, we have developed this production line suitable for large, medium and small biscuit manufacturers.

Large Biscuit Production Line

The characteristics of this fully automatic biscuit making machine is

1. Easy to operate, stable operation

2. Save energy

3. No noise, no pollution

4. Fully automatic, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

5.Continuous production, no material loss, cost saving

Customer Cases For Automatic Biscuit Production Line In 2021

Customer Case Who Purchase Hard Biscuit Production Line In 2021
1 Sudan 200kg/h New technology Hard Biscuit Machine For sale
2 Moldova Small Capacity Hard Biscuit Equipment For Sale
3 200kg/h Hard Biscuit Machine Sold In Ukraine
4 Nigeria 150Kg/H Hard Biscuit Processing Machine Lower Price For sale
5 Austria Sells 100kg/h Industrial Hard Biscuit Production Equipment For Sale
Customer Case Of Automatic Biscuit Production Line With Discount Price In 2021
1 100-150KG/H fully automatic biscuit production line for Sale Thailand customer
2 50-60kg /H small scale automatic biscuit making machine for sale with lower price in Uzbekistan
3 200KG/H fully automatic biscuit making machine for sale in Nigeria
Repurchase Customer Case Of Industrial Automatic Biscuit Production Line At 2021
1 Multi-functional Industrial biscuit making machine fully automatic 100KG/H For Sale To Algerian
2 1000Kg/H High Quality Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machine For Sale In Senegal
3 150KG/H industrial biscuit making machine buy online sold in Russia
Customer Have Raw Material Case Of Automatic Biscuit Production Line At 2021
1 500KG/H industrial biscuit making machine for sale in Bolivia
2 Mozambique 500KG/H industrial automatic biscuit making machine with the machine technology
3 300KG/H fully automatic automatic biscuit production line for sale in Pakistan