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The biscuit making processes is composed of biscuit forming machine, electric oven, oil injection machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, packaging table, etc. The whole line is controlled by CPU module, driven by a back-mounted motor, with a compact structure and a high degree of automation. The equipment can also produce high-quality biscuits of various flavors, such as cream, jam, etc. The biscuit production line adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, and uses the highest quality food-grade materials, allowing manufacturers to produce various types of chocolate sandwich biscuits, hard biscuits and soda biscuits according to market demand. The equipment has very mature technology, the control and operation of key components are more accurate and safe, and the manufacturer can provide perfect after-sales service. It is a high-quality equipment that major biscuit manufacturers are competing to buy.


What is biscuit manufacturing process

First, you need to prepare all the raw materials and flour, according to the recipe to ensure that the amount of ingredients is accurate. Then put these ingredients in the dough mixer and mix. The dough formed next will enter the compound rolling forming machine including rolling printing, rolling cutting, and forming various shapes of biscuits according to the machine model. After the biscuit shape is completed, the biscuits will enter the baking box for baking. Then the biscuits enter the oil injection machine for seasoning and oil injection. After the oil injection is completed, the biscuits enter the cooler for cooling. Finally, they are packaged.

What is biscuit manufacturing process


Biscuit Recipe
Soft Biscuit Hard Biscuit
Flour: 25kg Flour: 25kg
Sugar: 6kg Sugar: 4kg
Palm Oil: 6kg Palm Oil: 2.5kg
Butter: 0.5kg Milk Powder: 0.25kg
Water: 2.5kg Water: 6kg
Syrup: 300g Syrup: 0.5kg
Ammonium Bicarbonate: 100g Ammonium Bicarbonate: 0.5kg
Baking Soda: 100g Baking Soda: 200g
Salt: 150g Sodium Metabisulfite: 20g
Starch: 1kg Flavor: 15g
Vanillin: 15g

What is biscuit manufacturing process


Automatic Biscuit Making Plant
To establish a small food processing plant, there are two situations:
1. Self-employed
2. Company
In either case, a food production license is required, which is handled at the local Food and Drug Administration, provided that a business license for industry and commerce is obtained.
To apply for a food production license, the following must be met:
1.To apply for a food production license, one should first obtain a business license and other legal subject qualifications.
2.Application for food production license. Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.
Process design requirements for biscuit food clean workshop:
Although the process of biscuit production varies with the variety, in general, the process can basically be summarized as: ingredients, powder mixing, forming, baking, cooling, and packaging. According to the process requirements, the biscuit workshop usually has a sugar-dissolving room, a forming room, a baking room, a cooling room, and a packaging room. If soda biscuits are produced, a fermentation room should also be set up.

What is biscuit manufacturing process


As a giant in the food business, biscuits have a very broad development prospect. Food, clothing, housing and transportation are the biggest needs, especially after living conditions are better, people also pay special attention to diet, hoping to taste those more delicious ingredients. Many entrepreneurs have also seized the opportunity to grow and develop in their respective fields, leading the company to become a unicorn in the segmented field.

In the food industry, Nestle is a well-deserved giant, occupying the world’s No. 1 position in terms of revenue, but Kraft Heinz is the second place, with 100,000 employees worldwide and a business layout of more than 70 It has a net profit of 10.999 billion US dollars, which is higher than Nestle and ranks first, which means that it makes an average of 200 million yuan a day. Its total revenue also reached 26.232 billion US dollars, and Buffett also recognized it very much, occupying 27% of the shares.


Cooperated Customer With Automatic Biscuit Making Plant Technology At 2021
1China 300t/Year Industrial Automatic Biscuit Making Plant
21T/H Tough Automatic Biscuit Making Plant For Sale In Puerto Rico
3Senegal 1T/H Industrial Biscuit Biscuit Making Machine
Second- Cooperation Customers Of Biscuit Biscuit Making Machine At 2021
11T/H Biscuit Making Machine For Sale In Côte d’Ivoire
21T/H Biscuit Making Machine Sold In Russia
31T/H Biscuit Making Machine For Sale In Uzbekistan
Cooperated Customer Finished Plant Of Biscuit Biscuit Making Machine At 2021
11000kg/h Industrial Automatic Butter Biscuit Making Machine For Sale In Senegal
2Mozambique 1T/H Industrial Butter Biscuit Making Machine
31T/H Thai Butter Biscuit Making Machine
Cooperated Customer Which Producing High-Classic Product
1Austria Sells Industrial Biscuit Machine 100kg/h
2Algerian Biscuit 300kg/h Production Line
3800kh/h Industrial Biscuit Machine In Nigeria