As a professional Biscuit Machinery Manufacturer , the Cream Sandwich Biscuit Production Line developed and produced by LOYAL has caused quite a stir in the Biscuit Machinery industry. Our Commercial Biscuit Making Machine has a very advanced Biscuit Manufacturing Process , and we can provide a variety of different model.

Biscuit Making Machine For Factory can process and produce a variety of different types of biscuits, whether it is tough biscuits or crispy biscuits, it can be produced only by adjusting the Biscuit Making Process . Therefore, for different Biscuit Making Plants and different Biscuit Projects , Automatic Biscuit Making Machine can provide powerful productivity.

Biscuit Mechanical Drawing

Biscuit Mechanical Drawing

What is Biscuit Production Line?

Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment is a high-speed automatic Biscuit Equipment that sandwiches cream, jam, chocolate, etc. into biscuits . It draws on the most advanced Biscuit Equipment manufacturing process in the world and adopts imported electrical components and variable frequency speed regulation. It is low in failure and stable and durable. The Biscuit Processing Line is mainly used to produce sandwich biscuits, but can also produce some other kinds of biscuits, such as soda biscuits, wafer biscuits and cookie biscuits.

Automatic Biscuit Production Line :

Kneading → extrusion molding → baking → oil spraying → cooling → picking and finishing → slurry preparation → sandwich → packaging → finished product.

Key advantages of Biscuit Line :

Key Features of Biscuit System
1 Made of food-grade stainless steel, it meets the hygienic standards for biscuit production.
2 Color touch screen control, easy to use and accurate.
3 PLC control system, advanced Biscuit Manufacturing Process , stable and reliable performance.
4 Cookie Production Line is more flexible, and each link can be operated independently, which is very convenient to use.
5 Building block structure system, various Biscuit Equipment can be used in combination.
6 The fully automated production method has very high production efficiency.
Biscuit detail drawing

Biscuit detail drawing

Different specifications of Cream Sandwich Biscuit Production Line :

About the technical parameters of Biscuit Making Machine For Factory
Model 01 02 03 04
Power 60kw 120kw 180kw 200kw
Yield 60-100kg/h 200-300kg/h 250-350kg/h 300-400kg/h
Voltage 220/380v 220/380v 220/380v 220/380v
Energy Requirements power supply power supply power supply power supply
Biscuit Manufacturing Machine Price Us$ 1 , 5 00.00 Us$ 2 , 0 00.00 Us$ 2 , 5 00.00 Us$ 3 , 0 00.00
Sandwich Specification 35-60mm 35-60mm 35-60mm 35-60mm
Weight 400Kg 450Kg 500Kg 550Kg
Automatic Biscuit Making Machine updated in 2022, please contact our Biscuit Production Line professional technical team for more details .
cookie chart

cookie chart

2021 Customer Order r Cream Sandwich Biscuit Production Line Maker Form:

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Biscuit Production Line
1 Japan 200-300kg/h Compact Structure Biscuit Processing Line
2 500-600kg/h Easy Operating Biscuit Production Line In Australia
3 1-2t/h High Productivity Biscuit Making Technology In Russia
4 America 800kg/h Stainless Steel Biscuit Making Machine For Factory
Dealed Customers Who Repurchase Of Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment At 2021
1 Brazil 1t/h No Pollution Cookie Production Line Technology
2 300-400kg/h High Productivity Biscuit Line For Vietnam
3 Laos 600kg/h 304 Stainless Steel Automatic Biscuit Production Line
4 2-3t/h Slight Weight Commercial Biscuit Making Machine In New Zealand

1. What are the basic components of Cream Sandwich Biscuit Production Line?

1. Dough mixer : Mix flour with water or other ingredients into dough .

2. Conveyor: Convey the dough into the extruder.

3. Extrusion molding machine: The dough is first pressed into bread cakes and then cut into biscuits.

4. High temperature oven: bake the biscuits at high temperature.

5. Oil sprayer : Spray the surface of the biscuits with various delicious and fragrant food oils, refined oils, etc. , so that the color of the biscuits is richer.

6. Turning machine: used for cooling and conveying cookies after baking.

7. Cooling conveyor: Cool the biscuits to prolong the shelf life of the biscuits.

8. Biscuits: Arrange the biscuit into stacks before cooling and packaging.

9. Packaging machine : automatic packaging of biscuits.

2. Support Equipment to buy with Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment

Biscuit Manufacturing Plant purchases Biscuit Processing Line , if it wants to further improve production efficiency, it needs to purchase some auxiliary Biscuit Equipment , including weighing machine, feeder, finishing machine, core injection machine and nut slicer machine etc.

3. Future of Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Biscuit Manufacturing Units using Cream Sandwich Biscuit Production Line , we have invested a lot of money in research and development, and strive to develop Biscuit Equipment with better performance . We believe that Biscuit Line still has great potential for development, and improving the Biscuit Manufacturing Process is a basic requirement. In addition, technologies such as intelligence and 3D printing will also be applied to Automatic Biscuit Production Line .

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