Cookies are made with wheat flour as the main ingredient, sugar, fat, and other ingredients, mixed, shaped, oiled, baked at high temperatures, cooled, and packaged.

Biscuit Manufacturing Units are using Biscuit Production Line to improve the Biscuit Making Process further, but do you know which Biscuit Equipment is used?

Which Machines Are Used In Making Biscuits

Biscuit Making Equipment consists of two main components, Basic Biscuit Equipment and Auxiliary Biscuit Equipment. The essential Biscuit Equipment includes dough mixing machines, molding equipment, screw conveyors, high-temperature ovens, cooling lines, and packaging machines. In contrast, the auxiliary Biscuit Equipment includes sugar and salt spreaders, oil sprayers, syrup sprayers, multi-functional spreading machines, trough type biscuit machines, differential speed biscuit machines, nut slicers, etc.

The following will take you through the specific uses of various Biscuit Making Machines.

Generally speaking, the Biscuit Manufacturing Process of the Biscuit Manufacturing Plant is more or less the same. Cookie Making Machine mainly uses various high-quality raw materials, such as flour, sugar, starch, fat, dairy products, egg products, flavorings and bulking agents, etc., which are modulated into the dough by the mixing Machine, then rolled into dough sheets by the rolling Machine, pressed into cookie billets by the molding machine, and finally baked by the high-temperature oven, and cooled to become fluffy and delicious cookies.

Biscuit production factory can change the process of mixing Machine according to the type of cookies to be produced, and choose different mixing speeds and times to produce high-quality dough. At the same time, different types of cookies require different forming machines, such as roll-printing machines for shortbread cookies, stacking machines and roll-printing machines for tough cookies, roll-printing or roll-cutting machines for fermented cookies, and stacking machines and roll-printing or roll-cutting machines for cookies.

Each Biscuit production factory has its unique cookie. As a professional Biscuit Machinery Manufacturer, we can also customize the molds according to the needs of Biscuit production factories.

After the cookies are made and baked in a high-temperature oven, the baking process is also crucial and will directly determine the final quality of the cookies. The baking temperature is usually maintained at 230-270°C. After baking, the cookies are cooled in a cooling line and then packaged.

The above Biscuit Manufacturing Process uses some essential Biscuit Equipment. At the same time, many Automatic Biscuit Plants need to purchase auxiliary Biscuit Equipment to achieve fully automated production of cookies and further improve the efficiency and quality of cookie production.

For example, cranberry cookies require a nut slicer, while oil and syrup sprayers are used to spray thin oil or syrup before baking the cookies to make them more prosperous and more golden in color. The finished cookie can be added with a sugar and salt spreader, a multi-functional spreader, and Biscuit Equipment such as a slot biscuit cutter and differential cookie cutter will further improve the packaging efficiency and final quality cookies.

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