Cookies are prevalent among the elderly and children alike. They are not only rich in taste, but they are also very convenient for home and travel.

The Biscuit Manufacturing Process has become a standardized production method. The following is a detailed introduction to the Automatic Biscuit Plant’s Biscuit Making Process.

How To Make Biscuits In Factory

Biscuit Manufacturing Units use wheat flour, oil, sugar, relaxing agents, dairy products, eggs, nuts, shredded coconut, chocolate, raisins, and grains as the primary raw materials to produce cookies, and then Biscuit Making Equipment to produce them.

The Biscuit Making Machine can produce both types of cookies: crispy and tough cookies. The Biscuit Making Plant selects high-quality raw materials and then uses the advanced Biscuit Making Process to produce the cookies. Although there are many different types of cookies on the market, cookie making is the same.

After selecting quality cookies, the Biscuit Manufacturing Plant pre-treats the ingredients, including flour, sugar, fats, dairy, and egg products, as well as bulking agents and salt, to meet the standards for cookie production before putting them into the cookie manufacturing process.

The pre-treated ingredients are fed into the mixer of the Cookie Making Machine and mixed with the right amount of water to form the dough. The proper preparation of the dough is not only related to the regular operation of the Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment. Still, it is also the dividing line between the quality of tough and shortbread cookies. There is a big difference between the two cookie dough preparation methods. The shortbread cookie dough uses the cold flour shortening operation method, and the tough cookie dough uses the hot flour toughness operation method.

The dough is rolled into a smooth and even thickness biscuit in the Small Biscuit Making Machine, usually 9-13 times for tough dough and 3-7 times for shortbread dough.

After the dough is made, different molds are used to make different shapes of cookies. Usually, Small Cookie Making Machine is equipped with many different shapes of molds, such as letter-shaped, triangle-shaped, number-shaped, wheel-shaped, flower-shaped, etc. As a professional Biscuit Machinery Manufacturer, we can also As a professional Biscuit Machinery Manufacturer can also customize the molds according to the needs of the Biscuit production factory so that the Biscuit production factory can form its unique competitiveness.

The Industrial Biscuit Making Machine is equipped with a high-temperature oven and the baking temperature and time vary depending on the type and size of the cookie. Generally, the baking temperature should be kept at 230-270°C, but not more than 290°C, so the cookies can be made crispy and delicious.

To further improve the quality of the cookies, cooling is required, and the cooling line of Biscuit Making Machine For Factory can do the job. The cooled cookies are packaged in the Automatic Biscuit Making Machine’s packaging machine.

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