Cookies have always been famous since ancient times, and their crispy taste has attracted countless consumers. To meet the growing demand of consumers, Biscuit Manufacturing Plant has developed and produced different types of cookies, each of which has a loyal customer and has dramatically enriched our spare time.

Nowadays, more and more people are keen on baking and making delicious cookies. However, most of the cookies we eat every day are still produced by the Biscuit production factory.

How is a biscuit made in factories?

Biscuit manufacturing units use wheat flour, sugar, fats, eggs, and dairy products as the main ingredients, and then use a professional Biscuit Processing Line to produce different types of cookies by feeding, triple pressing, molding, lifting, conveying, recycling, baking, oiling, and cooling.

Although there are many types of cookies in the cookie market, there are two main types of cookies: shortbread cookies and the other is tough cookies.

Shortbread cookies are mainly made of wheat flour, sugar, and grease, adding relaxing agents and other auxiliary ingredients. They are made by the cooling process of blending, rolling, roller printing, or punching and baking, such as cream cookies, scallion cookies, sesame cookies, and crisp egg cookies. Tough cookies are mainly made of wheat flour, sugar, and fat, with the addition of relaxing agents, improvers, and other auxiliary ingredients, and made by hot flour process of blending, roller pressing, roller cutting or punching and baking, such as milk biscuits, vanilla biscuits, egg-flavored biscuits, etc.

Although the Biscuit Making Process of these two types of cookies is slightly different, in general, the Biscuit Making Equipment used is the same. Both can be produced using the Biscuit Making Machine, a type of Biscuit Equipment used by most Biscuit Making Plants.

The Cookie Production Line consists of a mixer, conveyor, bending machine, molding machine, high-temperature oven, oiling machine, cooling line, and packaging machine, thus forming a fully automated production method.

In the production of cookies, selected ingredients are first mixed with water in the Small Biscuit Making Machine to form a smooth dough. The dough is then fed into the Small Cookie Making Machine, where it is rolled into biscuits of uniform thickness and cut into shapes using different molds.

Many molds are available, including number, letter, flower, round, and triangle shapes. The cookies are fed into the high-temperature oven of the Industrial Biscuit Making Machine, where they are sprayed with a light coating of oil using the Biscuit Making Machine For Factory’s oiler.

The finished cookies are hot and need to be cooled down by the Automatic Biscuit Making Machine and finally packaged by the Biscuit Production Line.

The above is the specific Biscuit Manufacturing Process in a Biscuit production factory. Choosing the best Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment is the key to producing high-quality cookies.

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