Cookies are a prevalent type of food, and many people like them, and they are trendy in all walks of life. Cookies are not only crispy and delicious, but they are also effective in relieving hunger, which is why the cookie market has always been so hot.

Nowadays, there are more and more Automatic Biscuit Plants, and various Biscuit projects are coming up. Biscuit Manufacturing Plant provides many different types of cookies for Biscuit customers, such as soda cookies, wafer cookies, chocolate cookies, etc. Do you know how Biscuit Making Plant produces cookies?

How Biscuits Are Made In Factory

Biscuit Manufacturing Units use professional Biscuit Making Equipment to produce cookies, including mixers, twin-screw extruders, screw conveyors, oil sprayers, high-temperature ovens, cooling lines, and packaging machines. Cookie Making Machine can complete the mixing of raw materials, extrusion, high-temperature baking, cooling, and packaging in a single process, which significantly improves the production efficiency.

A small Biscuit Making Machine produces cookies in the following steps.

Industrial Biscuit Making Machine uses wheat flour, butter, powdered sugar, milk powder, relaxing agent, eggs, salt, etc., as the primary raw materials in the production of cookies, and then adopts different Biscuit Making Process according to different cookie recipes. The Biscuit Manufacturing Process of Biscuit Making Machine For Factory is roughly divided into the following steps.

First, the ingredients are reasonably blended according to the recipe of the cookie. The ratio of oil and sugar in the recipe of a tough cookie is generally about 1:2.5, and the ratio of oil, sugar and wheat flour is about 1:2.5. The ingredients are mixed into the Biscuit Processing Line mixer and mixed into a dough, which is left for 10 minutes or more before the next step.

Next, the dough is fed into the forming Machine of the Biscuit Line and rolled into sheets, generally 3-7 times in one direction or once in one direction, depending on the situation. The dough is then formed into various shapes of cookie blanks. The Automatic Biscuit Making Machine can be adjusted to produce round, oval, pentagonal, triangular, star-shaped cookies.

The cookies are then transferred to the high-temperature oven of the Biscuit Production Line, where the water inside the cookie evaporates, the starch is glued by heat, the decomposition of the bulking agent increases the bulk of the cookie, and the protein is denatured and solidified by heat, resulting in a porous and fluffy cookie.

The temperature of the cookie at this point is relatively high, so if it is packed directly, it will return to moisture and become soft and affect the taste, so it needs to be cooled by the cooling line of the Cookie Production Line to bring it down to its natural temperature. Then it can be packed by the packaging machine.

The above is the specific Biscuit Making Process of Biscuit Manufacturing Equipment, nowadays Commercial Biscuit Making Machine has achieved fully automated production method, which can provide Biscuit production Today, Commercial Biscuit Making Machine has achieved fully automated production, which can provide Biscuit production factory with very high production efficiency and production quality, further helping Biscuit production factory to improve market competitiveness.

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