In November 2021, I received an inquiry about a biscuit production line from a customer in Ethiopia, who was introduced by my old customer in Ethiopia. My old customer purchased two instant noodle production lines before, and he is very satisfied with our machine quality and after-sales service. When his friend wanted to make biscuits, he first thought of us and recommended his friend to me.

For Ethiopian 500kg/h bear biscuit production line customer, he was originally in the clothing business and has a medium-sized factory. Because of the epidemic, he wanted to switch to the food industry, so he asked people to consult about the food industry. At this time, my old customer recommended our Loyal company to him.

Because he has no experience in biscuit production, he is very concerned about the formula. He asked me if I would provide the formula to make the biscuit. He was worried that he could not produce the biscuit by himself if he bought the machine. At this time, I provided him with the detailed and complete biscuit production formula and told him that we have more than 10 years of export experience in Ethiopia. We also understand that most of them use L/C at as payment terms in Ethiopia. At the same time, we have a deep understanding of the local food industry, and at the same time we understand the eating habits of their local residents, the formula we provide will definitely be able to meet the local Ethiopia people.

Below Is The Ratio Of Raw Materials Required In 500kg/h Bear Biscuit Production Line:
Flour: 25kg
Sugar: 6kg
Palm Oil: 6kg
Butter: 0.5kg
Water: 2.5kg
Syrup: 300g
Ammonium Bicarbonate: 100g
Baking Soda: 100g
Salt: 150g
Starch: 1kg

After learning about the formula of bear biscuit, I gave him a detailed introduction to the technological process and steps of 500kg/h bear biscuit production line. Combined with his existing factory size, we provided the installation flow chart of the 500kg/h bear biscuit production line, which made him more confidence in this new industry.

500kg/h bear biscuit production line layout

(500kg/h bear biscuit production line layout)

In recent years, Ethiopia has made efforts to implement the policy of opening to the outside world, implement the market economy and privatization policies, encourage foreign investors to invest in Ethiopia, actively improve the investment environment, and increase investment policies. However, Ethiopia’s industrial base is weak, and most of the daily consumer goods such as light industry and food are imported. Therefore, the price of food in Ethiopia is relatively expensive, generally one to two times higher than the price of similar commodities in China. In this context, investing in a food production line will be a huge business opportunity, so this Ethiopian 500kg/h bear biscuit production line customer decided to change the industry and start biscuit production.

The final customer purchased a 500kg/h bear biscuit production line. The delivery time is 50 working days, and it will be sent to Ethiopia in a few days. At the same time, this customer has requirements for the brand of motors and electrical components of the 500kg/h bear biscuit production line. He wants us to provide electrical components from international brands such as ABB and Siemens. Of course, our Loyal company can provide them.

ABB Motor Of 500kg/h Bear Biscuit Production Line
1 Package Level 1 Units: 0 Carton
2 Product Name: 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Motor
3 Product Net Weight: 5.9 Kg
4 Product Type: 3Aa2__M3Aa_Ie2_Aa
5 Scip: 27ac6190-e1ce-4080-8654-6552aaabbe58 Finland (Fi)
6 Selling Unit Of Measure: Piece
7 Standards: Iec 60034-1
8 Starting Of Motor: Direct Online

What Are The Strengths Of Our 500kg/h Bear Biscuit Production Line?

Why Choose Our 500kg/h Bear Biscuit Production Line?
1 Simple Structure In Linear Type ,Easy In Installation And Maintenance.
2 Adopting Advanced World Famous Brand Components In Pneumatic Parts ,Electric Parts And Operation Parts. 
3 With Different Mould, It Can Produce Different Kinds Of Biscuit Shape
4 Japan Technology And Improve It, Can Full Automatic Or Semi Automatic
5 Oven SS304 Belt, PLC Control, Control Size By Ourselves Easily
The detail of the 500kg/h Bear Biscuit Production Line

(The detail of the 500kg/h Bear Biscuit Production Line)